Family Atmosphere, Culture of Discipline Apparent to 2010 Ohio S Kurtis Drummond on Recent MSU Visit

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When 2010 Ohio safety Kurtis Drummond visited Michigan State recently, he came away impressed.

“I liked it a lot,” he told Spartan Nation of his trip. “I talked with the coaches, sat down and watched some film.”

Drummond liked the facilities — “obviously real nice,” he said — but what had him thinking Green after the trip was the coaching staff.

“I got the vibe that they were real people,” Drummond said of the staff. “They weren’t feeding me lines just for recruitment.” But Drummond did a little homework while he was in East Lansing and spoke to a few current Spartans to get a different perspective.

“Talking to the players, that helped a lot, they weren’t going to lie,” Drummond said. “They gave me pretty good insight on everything and that helped my outlook on Michigan State.” Drummond said he sensed a culture of discipline at MSU and got a chance to see Spartan training in action.

“I got to see them work out a little bit, and all of them are hard working,” he said.

Defensive Coordinator Pat Narduzzi has spearheaded Drummond’s recruitment, but Kurtis got a chance to spend some quality time with Secondary Coach Harlon Barnett on his trip as well.

“(Coach Narduzzi) is forward guy — he’ll let you know where you stand, and I like that,” Drummond said. “He’s an honest man, and that’s the kind of coach I’m looking for.”

With MSU gaining recruiting steam, and with the program ascending overall, Drummond explained why he thinks the Spartans are gaining respect, especially from recruits.

“They’re not pushy,” he said. “They talk to me, but they let me know they are not going to rush me into my decision. I like that about them.”

At safety, where Drummond is primarily being recruited, the chance to do it all has much appeal.

“You’re just free to play, and I like that a lot,” Drummond said. “You can come up and make hits, make big interceptions — I just like to make an impact.” And it’s the rough and tumble nature of the gridiron that really tickles Drummond.

“Probably the physicality of it, you can take out your aggression on (your opponent)” he said. But it’s more than that, he explains. “It’s a team game,” he said. “I like to be in a family atmosphere and play together, and that’s one thing I saw at Michigan State was family atmosphere and I like that a lot.”

Along with MSU, Drummond says a handful of schools stay in regular contact, including Michigan, Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

“I’ve basically narrowed it down to a few schools I want to go look at and find out more information about,” he said, most likely on official visits this fall. The recruiting process can be trying at times, but Drummond is trying to take it all in with an even keel. “I didn’t expect it to blow up like this, but once it started calming down, it’s been pretty fun, I’m having fun with it.”

At Hubbard High School, Drummond is ready to begin smashing some pads. Fall practice begins soon for the team, but not soon enough for Kurtis.

“We’re more than ready,” he said, “we’ve been working pretty hard.” Drummond particularly enjoys getting his teammates to excel: “I love being a leader. I love to speak out, lead by my actions. I love to be in control, I want to have the team follow me.”

That’s the kind of sentiment MSU Head Coach Mark Dantonio is looking for as he and his staff rebuild a Spartan tradition of excellence. And it seems to be working on recruits.

“Right now,” Drummond says of Michigan State, “I’d say they’re sitting in a pretty good spot with me.”