Michigan State's Scottie Hazelton Talks No Spring Football

Michigan State Football defensive coordinator Scottie Hazelton talks adjustments the Spartans must make with no spring practice.
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East Lansing, MI—New Michigan State defensive coordinator Scottie Hazelton is trying to implement a new system and get to know players and staff. Still, due to the COVID-19 safety protocols, that is all happening remotely from his home in Kansas. It is a different time for everyone in the world, not just sports.

But he recently talked about how the Spartans are preparing and dealing with the current situation. “I’m sure it will be, depending on the time we get with the guys. Coach Tucker brought up the best example of this what’s happened to him in the past when they had the lockout year (in the NFL). He had to have a schedule for, ‘Hey, if we started this day, this is the defense we’re going to put in. If we started this day, we can put in a little bit more. If they give us spring ball back, we can put a little bit more,’ and you kind of go through that. And so as a staff, we’re preparing like we’re going to have everything, also knowing that, you know, there’s some things that just are going to be on your menu right away that you can’t possibly get to maybe until a bye week or you might even say you know we’re going to push it back to the next spring. Just because you have to have the things that you need to be able to play fast, and the guys have to learn those things. So, you know, the number of reps you’re going to get if you do lose a spring ball or if fall camps are cut short or whatever. As coaches, we have to be smart and limit what we call so that we can get really good at something that we can do and play fast.”

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