MSU already looking for John L. Smith's successor?

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No secret in the Spartan Nation is that John L. Smith is on the hot seat for his job. With Ron Mason approaching the end of his tenure as A.D. he probably will have no say in that matter. I have been working on a story that we hope to put out this next week on this issue and let me tell you, it is huge. 

 Tom Dienhart who writes for the SportingNews, online right now and in the current issue on news stands says this:
No doubt, Michigan State coach John L. Smith is sitting on the hottest seat in the Big Ten -- the Spartans have failed to go to a bowl each of the past two seasons, and Michigan State's brass already is contacting potential coaches to interview should the Spartans tank this season. Bad defense and horrid special teams have been at the root of Michigan State's problems under Smith. . . .

 Like I said, I am working on this already and for it to break nationally before locally tells you something. I think that you will find my report very interesting.

I certainly want John. L. Smith to reach his 8 wins that I feel (and others at MSU) to keep him job, it says something when those outside the athletic offices and Duffy building are that nervous.