MSU at Notre Dame: Week 3, 2005 - Random Thoughts

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  • MSU cannot let ND stop the run game with fewer than 6 guys. Make them put 7 or more in the box and MSU wins this game, easily.
  • Drew Stanton does not need to improve anything, just keep doing what he has been doing.
  • If Ashton Watson can continue his play, he could be the breakout player of the year.
  • MSU head coach John L. Smith, realizes that this game is more than just another game; his program needs this, not as much as back-to-back wins vs. UM, but he needs it bad.
  • It is great to see MSU avoiding the dumb penalties this year.
  • Unlike past years and more than just JLS coaching time, it is good to see MSU go through some adversity and not quit.
  • I have watched a lot of football in my life, but I don’t think I have enjoyed anyone as much as Drew Stanton, on and off the field.
  • I have said it on TV and radio as well as the web site, and I will repeat it, Drew Stanton is the best QB in the nation.
  • Matt Trannon is coming into his own, he isn’t there yet, but he is getting there, and that will eventually make him a quality NFL WR.
  • I do not remember MSU having a team that hits so hard before. We have had some great hitters, but I mean as a team. They punish people.
  • This team, unlike teams of the recent past (post Saban) does not make the stupid penalty, and doesn’t quit. They stay in the game and today you saw ND play like and old MSU team.
  • Down on the field for the last 5 minutes and the over time, I have NEVER heard a stadium so loud. Including bowl games and NFL.
  • This game was great for Coach Lansing.
  • I got the John L. Smith slap and hug, and it was great. His kids love and respect him and he is really putting his stamp (finally) on this program.
  • We have a lot of season left, no doubt, but I took an immense amount of criticism for my 9-2 prediction, and I told you all that this was a better MSU team then many of you thought.