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Recruiting news for Spartan Football!

I have been getting incredible amounts of email asking me about reports that multiple recruits will be in town visiting MSU football this weekend. Several of you have even named multiple recruits who haven’t committed to MSU as young men that will be in town. 

Let me be clear, I have not read nor heard those reports, but the amount of email that I am getting citing them means they are out there. 

Here are the facts about what is happening this weekend with MSU football. There are ten recruits coming in. ONLY TEN! Nine of them are part of the sixteen that we already know to be committed to the Spartan Nation. There is ONLY ONE non-committed recruit coming in this weekend. I repeat, there are only ten recruits in town this weekend and only one of them is not already committed.

In case you are wondering, Mark Dantonio would like to get another four recruits to make the class grow to 20. However, initial feedback from the 2010 class is very good and they won’t take any risks.  Any additions to the class will be highly touted players. Wanting 20 doesn’t mean needing 20.

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