The Spartan Nation Speaks Their Mind By Giving Their Predictions for the 2008 Season

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The Spartan Nation Speaks Their Mind and By Giving Their Predictions for the 2008 Season


1,388 people responded and here are your predictions and a few of your comments:


  • 12-0Â 1 Vote Less than 1%
  • 11-1Â 17 Votes 1%
  • 10-2Â 31 Votes 2%
  • 9-3Â 276 Votes 20%
  • 8-4Â 597 Votes 43%

  • 7-5Â 225 Votes 16%
  • 6-6 137 Votes 10%
  • 5-7Â 44 Votes 3%
  • 4-8Â 19 Votes 1%
  • 3-9Â 14 Votes 1%
  • 2-10Â 16 Votes 1%
  • 1-11Â 11 Votes 1%
  • 0-12 No Votes 0%


Percentages are not exact. They are rounded.


There you have it. Here are some of your comments:


Hondo I would love to believe that MSU goes 8-4. But I predict 7-5 as the Oline is new and that affects the whole offense.  I think defensively we will be very good. But Offense again looses one we should not. Chris


Hondo, I think you are right there with your predictions. My concern is Dantonio’s game-day coaching last year that cost us at very least the Wisconsin game… if that improves then we can go anywhere from 7-5 to 9-3 with our losses being Cal, OSU, UM, Wis, and PSU. The swing games (ones I think could go the other way) are Wis and Mich. Its always fun to talk football… Thanks for keeping our “Nation” informed. Scott


Hondo I think the Spartans are capable of going 1-0 each Saturday of the season, one game at a time. The Spartan spirit is indomitable. If our team works hard and prepares, on every level, all summer and fall, then they will be ready for each game. There is no better time than the present to be optimistic. Ron


Hondo. I see our team as very capable at quarterback and receiver, and excellent at the running back position (barring injury). The big question will be the offensive line and the tight end position. If those two areas can avoid a serious drop off, we should have a very satisfying season. We also have to stay healthy - particularly at QB, RB and interior line.

There is no game on the schedule that cannot be won. Unfortunately, there are also no games that cannot be lost. I'm going to be an optimist and say that MSU has an excellent chance to be 9 and 3 on the season, with losses to Cal, Ohio State, and Penn State. The key games in my mind to achieve this record are Wisconsin at home and Michigan on the road… By the way, I share your view of Jim Tressel and his program. He's done an incredible job of recruiting and developing players. He also seems like a very classy guy who really represents The Ohio State University extremely well. It's hard not to like the Buckeyes, although its easy to be envious.Rick



Long time reader, first time e-mailer, I love the blog! Here we go... 8-4 with a trip to the Alamo or Outback bowl! 

Cal L-- jet lag and first time for this team out west spells trouble

EMU W-Â we rough up a perennial MAC bottom feeder

FAU W -Â while they're making great strides in C-USA... 75,000, and Javon Ringer are too much for them to handle

ND W- this one makes me nervous though, they always play well in East Lansing, and they'll be better than last year, but I think running game, and defense trumps anything they'll be able to do.

IU W- without James Hardy our D will get to Kellen Lewis all day

Iowa W- too inconsistent, and we'll be itching for some payback in EL

NWÂ W- we usually play pretty well in Evanston, and again, 1 more year of discipline and press coverage will pay dividends

OSU- L - they're stacked

UM - W- this is the year we get them in AA! (also RRod agrees to pay $4m)

Wisky- L - emotional high ends as we drop a tough one to Bucky

PSU- L- Happy Valley too much to handle, and Joe Pa looking for revenge after we snatched the game from them last year. Travis


Hondo I think MSU will go 6-6 this year. I am very concerned about the offensive line and the durability of Javon Ringer. I also wonder if the receivers made Hoyer look good last year. I am not 100% confident with him back there.

My real concern however is that we have an unfavorable schedule. Going to Cal, PSU and Michigan are all tough games. Additionally, we've had trouble at Northwestern in the past. Wisconsin and OSU are going to be tough as well, even at home. I don't think 8-4 is out of the question, but it's going to take us getting all the breaks. I think 6-6 is much more likely based on the schedule.


Hondo, My prediction for the MSU Football team this season is 9-3. I see MSU winning games against Eastern Michigan, Florida Atlantic, Notre Dame, Indiana, Iowa, and Northwestern, Michigan, Purdue, and one of the games against Penn State, Wisconsin, or Cal.  Go Green,Kevin