WMU coming off the MSU schedule for 2007

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I have been working on this story for about a week and yesterday when I called an MSU official to talk about it, I was told "We have no idea about that."

Well two sources independent of one another had confirmed this and tonight I was told by another Spartan official that they are now aware of that being possible. I do not feel that the previous official was being untruthful, MSU was just not aware of it.

At this late date it is unclear who would replace the Broncos but it could be another MAC team or possibly even a 1-AA team.  I STRONGLY encouraged the MSU official I spoke to this evening that putting 1-AA team was not a wise choice.

With the prices the fans are paying they do not deserve to get a 1-AA school without a dicount at the least, and I feel having them at all is not acceptable.