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Another Spartan Great to Coach in the MAC. Amp Campbell Joins Western Michigan!

 Spartan fans remember watching as former great Amp Campbell was lying on the field of the Oregon Ducks. His neck was broken and the nation held its collective breath. The date was September 5, 1998 and the rest of his story is legendary.


Photo courtesy of the State News.

Photo courtesy of the State News.

On Monday Campbell took the helm of the Western Michigan cornerbacks and it was going back to that infamous day in Oregon that helped win him the job. Moments ago I spoke to my good friend and head coach of the Broncos Bill Cubit, (who is in Florida recruiting) and that day was one of the first reasons he gave for hiring Campbell. 


“When you look back at the accident you see the spirit of Amp. He didn’t quit. He didn’t just come back and walk, he came back and played. You can still see that fight and attitude in him today.”


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Cubit not only looked at the fight that Campbell had coming back to the game he loved, but he also liked the pedigree of the men that coached him and what they said about him. “Mark Dantonio is a great coach and person and he really had a lot of great things to not only say about Amp personally, but his intelligence and grasp of defense.” Those are high words of praise from the headman of the Spartan Nation who doesn’t give insincere references. 


The national champion head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide Nick Saban also praised Campbell. “He really had a lot of fine things to say about Amp. I like that he and Mark (Dantonio) both talked about how Amp was as committed to excellence and detail as they are, so that has to count.”


In the end the praise of Dantonio and Saban was nice, but the indomitable spirit of Campbell along with his personality sealed the deal for Cubit, “You really want a great coach and we had five really good ones apply. In the end Amp just fit and the entire staff really liked him; that along with his talent made the difference. He is electric and I can really see him in a young man’s living room as a great recruiter.”


Spartan Nation congratulates Coach Cubit on a great hire and of course will be rooting for Amp when they aren’t lining up against our Spartans.