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Call Him What You Will, Jonal Saint-Dic is "The Sackmaster"

Call him what you will Jonal Saint-Dic may be the proclaimed "sackmaster," but he is proving to be just that and so much more. Saint-Dic is not only MSU’s current quarterback demolition machine; he may very well be Michigan State’s most valuable defensive player. “The sackmaster” leads MSU in both sacks and fumbles caused. He put on a performance Saturday against the Pitt Panther offensive line reminiscent of Julian Peterson’s performance against #1 Ohio State. He was a game changer and Michigan State would not have won the ballgame without him.

Even when Saint-Dic wasn’t credited for the sacks his teammates cleaned up, he was the biggest reason that Pitt’s QB found himself stepping up to evade defensive pressure. He plays the way dominant DE’s are supposed to play, reckless and destructive. Coaches are constantly making reference to their players that run with a lot of motor. If Saint-Dic could be compared to a power plant, I’d have to give him the nod as a 455 V-8 Rocket. You know, the engines that found their way into those big ‘ol Buick and Oldsmobile convertabiles in the early 1970’s. He runs through offensive tackles with torque and brut force power. He wipes out fullbacks that try to chip him as if they were merely a screen door. He shifts gears into overdrive when the quarterback is firmly locked into his obliterating radar. When Jonal finds himself engaged head on with an offensive lineman, he chops at the ball like he is wielding a Spartan sword often times knocking the 'pigskin' to the turf. Defensive coordinator, Pat Narduzzi had this to say about MSU’s QB wrecking ball after the Pitt game. “That guy is the sackmaster.” “He was out there knockin’ the crap out of the quarterback.” I couldn’t have said it better myself coach.

In a game that was full of MSU mistakes, Jonal was clearly a bright spot. Michigan State won yesterday’s game because of defensive execution. They were relentless and unsympathetic to Pitt’s quarterbacking band-aid and most importantly they made big plays when big plays were needed. Michigan State hasn’t won a game with defense in a very long time. The days of black and blue football are returning to East Lansing and I found myself breathing a sigh of relief numerous times when we needed a crucial stop. Michigan State’s offensive line is still learning to be assignment sound. They are still learning what a down-hill dot the "I" offense is all about. Narduzzi and the MSU defensive staff have breathed new life into the MSU pass rush. They have more quarterback sacks in three games than they had in all of 2006. That is really impressive considering the personnel are largely the same from 2006 team. It is amazing what coaching intensity, discipline, instruction and attention to detail will do for a football team. Michigan State’s offensive line now needs to raise the bar and find their own identity and put teams away at the point of attack. The five sacks produced by MSU’s defense were impressive. The six sacks on Michigan State’s offensive line and Brian Hoyer were not. I am a self-proclaimed Brian Hoyer fan, but he held onto the ball way too long on three or four of those sacks. If Michigan State continues to destroy opposing quarterbacks the way they have and the offensive line begins to gel… well… we are in for a special season. I have only one thought before I wrap up this latest Henne (no relation to Chad) rant. Jimmy Clausen, let me introduce you to Jonal Saint-Dic… "The Sackmaster"… "The Fumble Manufacturer." I am certain a formal introduction will be coming Saturday, but I thought I'd be polite and let you know #94 is on his way. He'll be the one standing over you at your twenty yard line with a big teethy grin on his face. I’d go ahead and wish you good luck Jimmy, but it just wouldn’t be sincere now would it?

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