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Coaching Carousel...Round and Round We Go


It didn’t even take until the end of this season for the college basketball coaching carousel to start spinning.


Yesterday’s bombshell that sent Coach John Calipari to Kentucky was followed by today’s news that Tim Floyd has been offered the Arizona job.


Wow, as a Spartan fan can you sigh with relief?


It’s been no secret about the rumors circling that Coach Tom Izzo was or at least should be on the short list of candidates at both schools.


But what did you expect? Elite programs go for elite coaches. And as far as I’m concerned they don’t come more elite than Tom Izzo.


 While it’s still not clear how serious of an offer they may have made to Izzo should the opportunity have presented itself, it appears that Izzo and the Spartans making the Final Four may have actually helped Spartan Nation retain one of its most beloved coaches of all time.


Assuming he stays, and other than retirement or a very lucrative NBA job, Izzo will return to East Lansing for his 15th year of service.


This does two things; continues stability within his program, and solidifies his program’s spot as one of the elite in the nation.


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As far as creating stability, most people can remember two coaches in Michigan State during their time; Jud Heathcote and Tom Izzo. Before Mark Dantonio, I think I could name three head football coaches in my time in East Lansing. This obviously helps in recruiting, funding and winning.


Which carries me to my next point, winning. You don’ need me to sit and give you Izzo’s résumé. But what I will tell you is that by him staying, it makes this program elite. Not just this year but each of the last few years.


Again I mention, elite programs hire elite coaches. In that same light, elite coaches stay at elite programs. Krzyzewski, Boheim, Calhoun, and Izzo. On anyone’s board of top echelon coaches, I can’t imagine their names not being included. That being said, each coach elevated their programs to the levels they have become and each has stayed with it.


No doubt like a counsel, with each spin, these coaches will be temped by others trying to pull them off and entice them to take a new ride.


Whether or no Tom Izzo ever accepts that ride, the one he’s been on during his time at Michigan State is special. Praise him, embrace him, cherish him.


If you ever doubt his importance to his players, this program, students or alumni, just look at what he has done for this University and the lives of those he has impacted.


During my time at MSU, a few of my friends and I would joke and alter the old SNL “Superfans” skit.  


“Who would win in a fight, Izzo or God?”.......... “Trick question, Izzo is God.”



What do you think, did the Spartans getting to the Final Four keep Izzo in East Lansing?