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Opening Statement: Just two injuries so far: we've got (Jon) Kitna, had back spasms and that's why we didn't bring him out in the second half, and (Dan) Orlovsky has got a high ankle sprain. Again, we don't know how bad that is, so that's where we're at right now."

On what happens now after he has spent two weeks evaluating and making changes: "We just go back to work. We tried to get some no-huddle in; that's what we worked on quite a bit these last couple weeks, and it's no magic to it. It's not like you run it and all of a sudden everything opens up. You still have to communicate and execute, and we didn't do that. So we'll continue to work with it and try to improve it and go from there."

On if he will work on what they did today or two weeks ago: "We'll still keep working on our no-huddle. It's a part of what we try to and (part of) our base offense."

On if he expects to be fired today or tomorrow: "I think I've repeated this a lot to you, that I don't look in the future, right? I think I've said that to you, right? Would you agree? Your silence is agreement. If you're silent then you agree with me. Good; so I've already said it."

On why he expects to keep his job when he hasn't been able to win in a year and a half: "I'm going to again tell you exactly what I've said in the past: I'm going to get up in the morning and go to work."
On why he thinks he can turn this season and this team around: "Well, I think we have to go back and just keep evaluating talent, get the right people in here and keep working on what we do in terms of our system and improve it."

On if coaches are concerned after today's performance that the players have quit on them: "I don't believe they have."
On why he thinks that, considering the team was supposed to fix its struggles after a bye week: "I would agree with that, but the type of people we have, I wouldn't sense that they're going to quit. I sense they'll keep fighting."

On how he would evaluate QB Jon Kitna's performance in the first half: "I'd like to see the tape. Nothing's good. Anybody - the protection wasn't good enough, ball security wasn't good enough, getting takeaways wasn't good enough, some explosion plays. None of it was good enough."

On when he will come clean and tell them what the real problem is: "I'm coming clean. We have to coach football better. We have to get these guys ready to play, we have to find a way to get them to execute, and that's our job."

On if QB Jon Kitna would still be the starter if everyone is healthy next week: "We'll go back next week and look at - Yes, yes, as I'm sitting here right now. Yes."

On if this game was more troubling after having an extra week of preparation due to the bye: "Yeah, I mean the frustration keeps building, I guess really is the answer to that."

On if he was injured when he came out in the third quarter: "It started in the first quarter. A little back spasm at halftime, it just locked up and really I tried to go back out but I couldn't really get out."

On what the problem is with the offense: "We have a lot of problems. We have a lot of problems."

On if guys' being out of sync has a lot to do with it: "We're not doing anything very good. To pinpoint anything would be a disservice. We're not doing anything good."

On if the play calling is working to the strengths of the team: "We made some changes during the bye week and it didn't work out for us. We didn't make any plays to get us going early in the game. The defense was playing good; getting us the football and we just kept going three-and-out. When we had something going we get a turnover, those just keep killing us. That's a good defense, but we can't self-destruct that way."

On if there was confusion going on with the offense when it appeared he was calling for an audible:Â "There is no confusion, there's no confusion. The defense was changing what they were doing, so there was no confusion. I think we had one time when we had some miscommunication. But, other than that, communication was good. They just kept checking with us, so you're trying to get us into the right play, and you have plenty of time on the play clock. There was never a time that we took a delay of game. There was one play where there was some miscommunications, that's it."

On if this loss hurts more because they had two weeks to prepare: "Every loss hurts in this league, every loss."

On if guys on the team are quitting: "I don't think I'm seeing that. I think we have too much character in this football team for that."

On what he saw from the Bears' defense:
"Well, right away I figured they would pressure me and they did. They threw everything they had at me, really, that we anticipated. The receivers did a good job of adjusting and the offensive line and the backs did a good job of picking up some pressure to allow me to get the ball out a little bit. They did what I thought they would do."

On how his knee feels: "I feel fine. It was just one of those things. I don't know how (it happened). It feels okay now. I'm sure the doctors will look at it, but for now, I'm fine."

On if he expects to see more playing time the rest of the season: "That's the coach's decision. Coach knows where I stand on it. I would love to be the guy for this team. If Coach (Marinelli) feels the best chance for us to win is with Jon (Kitna), then I respect that. I'm just going to go out and continue to do my job and be prepared. Whatever Coach's decision is, that's what I'll need to go with."

On why the offense hasn't been clicking: "I think it gets magnified and it looks like a really bad offense at times, but we're honestly a hit here or there, a play here or there, and adjustment here or there, a throw here or there, or a run from being really good. It's just getting on the details of doing it for 60 to 75 snaps a game. Right now we're struggling in that and what we do is we struggle with it and key components -- a third down in the red zone, stuff like that. We're not far, and I know that sounds crazy to people, but we're not far. Coach Marinelli always holds up the difference between winning and losing and it's a little pinch on the fingers. That's where we are right now, and it gets magnified. Right now, that's where we're struggling still, but we're confident we'll change it around."

On if the team is frustrated with the 0-4 start: "None of us want to be in this position; none of us go in here saying, hey let's go play bad again and get whipped four games. We all want to win. We just need to look at ourselves in the mirror, each and every one of us, and really see what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong and as a team correct that. Yeah, we're frustrated, but at the same time, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Crazier things have happened. The guys that need to be here to change this around are all here. We're all confident that we can. It's like a snowball; right now the snowball's not going in our direction. Once we get that direction changed, we get one (win), we get two, and it will get going our way. We're confident we can change it. We're realists though, we know we have an uphill climb and we need to check ourselves at the door, but we can change it."

On him being visually frustrated during the game: "It is just frustrating to me to be an 0-4 ball club with all of the talent that we have on this football team. I believe that the defense came out to play today. We didn't help them on the offensive side of the ball. I feel like if we would have helped them early, this game would have went a lot different, but we didn't and then it got out of hand. The rest is history."

On if he wants to stay in Detroit: "Yeah. I want to be here. If you go back to quotes when I got drafted, I want to be the one to help turn this thing around, and I still want to be that. We have got the pieces on the outside with me, Calvin (Johnson) and (Shaun) McDonald. We have got the pieces on the offensive side of the ball. I don't know what the problem is, but we are just not executing right now. This is very frustrating to me, but I don't want to go anywhere. I want to stay here and make plays and help this team win ballgames. Right now, it's not happening."

On if the players still believe in the coaching staff: "Oh yeah. We listen to Rod (Marinelli), no question about it. We respond to Rod. Rod is, to me, a good head coach. I don't believe that he is the problem at all. Rod is a guy that is - he is what he is, and everybody knows what he is. He is a good guy."

On if he expected the change at quarterback: "No, Jon (Kitna) is not the problem. Contrary to belief with all the fans and media, Jon is not the problem. I don't know what the problem is, but it is not Jon. It is not anything - Jon is a good quarterback. The man has thrown for 8,000 yards in two years. People seem to forget that."

On what happened defensively today: "We didn't play well enough to win. It's hard to tell right now without watching the film, so we just weren't good enough to win today."

On how frustrating this is following a 4-0 preseason and now 0-4: "It's frustrating but that's where we're at. There are no quitters in this locker room - just go back to work and keep going."

On what the team can do to turn it around: "Well, we just have to take the things that we're doing on the practice field and execute them on Sunday's. I've said all along that we have been practicing great but it just hasn't carried over into games yet; eliminate mistakes, penalties, and continue to work hard."

On how frustrating today's game was: "Yeah, that's a little bit frustrating, we didn't get anything going on offense. The defense really played tough through the first half for us, and we couldn't bail them out, so it's frustrating. This is the NFL, and teams aren't going to stop and feel sorry for you, so we have to keep working."

On why the offense struggled or was it just one of those games: "I don't know; I don't like saying it was just one of those days because you can't have those days. We just didn't have it together. There's really no excuses; it's on us to get it done and we didn't do that today."

On how to bounce back today with two tough road games ahead of them: "You have to go work hard. Like I said, nobody is going to feel sorry for you. This is the NFL. They pay us to do this. We're going to go in next week, watch the film, try to correct our mistakes and just come back and work hard next week."

On if the offense not scoring any points is affecting the defense:
"Nah, even if there's no points on the board no matter what we have to hold them. Even if our offense turns the ball over, we have to hold them to three. Our job is to hold them to three or no points. It's a battle. We hit rock bottom today. We're going to see what kind of men we have, the kind of fight we have in us and see where we go from here."

On the frustration because the defense was on the field so much: "We know that they have a great defense. It was a battle of defenses today. That's how we, in our minds, looked at it going in. We had to be the better defense, and they were the better defense today. They made more plays happen; they made more turnovers, and unfortunately we didn't."

On the defense not forcing turnovers like they did early is last season: "Yeah, we need turnovers. Last year we started out with a lot of turnovers, and we were winning. We've lost that knack of getting the ball out, and not enough pressure on the quarterback to get sacks and get the ball."

On if the team did not have the necessary effort it needed today: "Oh yeah, definitely. When you lose by that many points there's definitely some questions of effort."

On starting out fast:
"We talked a lot about starting fast and finishing strong this week. Some things came together for us. Early on offensively, as Kyle said, we were able to move the ball. We didn't get as many points as we wanted to. We kept it going and later on the points were able to catch up."

On the control of the game: "We had control most of the game. I thought we had the momentum from start to finish."

On the goals of the team: "Our goal is about getting on top of the division and staying there."
On the Bears defense: "Defensively, from the start, from the first drive, shutting them down and making them punt, really kind of got it started for the day. The defensive line put pressure on the quarterbacks all day, We were able to shut down their run and just make plays.
"It's the best we've played as a team."

On Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli and if there is such a thing as mercy: "No. Rod Marinelli isn't looking for any mercy. He's a heck-of-a football coach. They had a tough day today. Believe me, he'll get the troops back."

On having played well in each of his three starts against Detroit: "Yeah I do for some reason. It's the same kind of style of defense that we have so we see it quite a bit in practice and feel like we can execute pretty well against that style of defense."

On the offense: "We certainly made a lot of plays and got the ball down the field a little bit. The first quarter we left a few points on the field, but the defense shut them down and gave us the time to get going.
On being able to do what they wanted to do: "We were certainly in a good rhythm there for the middle part of the game. We had them on their heals and kept at them.
On WR Marty Booker's catch: "It was great. I saw the flag go down and we got the pass interference. Then he said, 'I caught it.' I was like I don't know about that. It wasn't a very good throw. I looked up and saw the replay and it was an unbelievable catch. Those are the types of catches he makes."

On what he thinks of the Lions' struggles since his departure: "Well, they were having struggles when I was there, so it doesn't really matter to me anymore. I'm with the Bears now, and I'm just doing the best I can do for this team so I can win and can get to the Super Bowl."

On how fulfilling it was to beat the Lions: "It felt good; it felt good to have a win, more so to have a win in the division. Like I said, I'm not worried too much about what the Lions are doing. My main focus is to do my best for this team so we can get to the playoffs and go on to the Super Bowl. That's my main goals."

On how it felt playing post-injuries: "It felt good, got to run the ball a little bit. I was just trying to get into a rhythm. You know, backs need that, get in a rhythm early and throughout the game you just keep pounding them. That's what I tried to do today."

On if he feels bad for his former teammates: "No. Like I said, I moved on. It's all in the past for me. I feel for these guys over here when we lose and we lost two games. So it's all about the Bears right now. That's my main focus and that's all I worry about."

On how it feels after two victories in a row: "It feels good. It's nice to get on the road and start winning, so we just have to keep going to the next week and next week and next week, take it one game at a time."

On what the most positive thing about the game was: "The most positive thing, I mean, just scoring a lot of points. That's what the offense has to do. When the defense gets turnovers, we have to turn turnovers into points. And not just three points, we need to get touchdowns. We did that a few times so that's the most positive thing."

On relishing this game because there aren't a lot of blowouts in the NFL: "I mean we just take it how it came. We wanted to come out and play hard and play as physical as long as we could. We didn't want to be complacent in the score and let them come back, so we had to score a lot of points, which we were glad to do."

On how important it is for the team to get on a roll now: "Very important because you can't get one win here and then lose and then get one there. You know we have to get on a roll and just keep the momentum going from week-to-week."

On what the most positive thing was about the game:
"That we just stayed consistent in the offense, and we didn't let up and we finished the game strong."

On what he will look for next week: "Basically the same thing but make sure the biggest thing that we do is to finish strong. That's the most important thing. The last two games we lost, we let up at the end. The key thing that we have to do is to finish the game."

On if he thinks much of his touchdown: "The corner kind of played soft. It was a quick slant. He played kind of soft with it, and I kind of hit it right in the hole."

On the importance of this win for the Bears:
"We got a win. We've got Atlanta coming up next weekend; they're a good football team. We're trying to get on a roll. I remember a time a couple of years ago, we got eight, nine in row. We need to do that again and just put ourselves in good position to try to get into the playoffs."

On he and S Mike Brown addressing the rest of the defense during the game: "I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm sure Mike said some good stuff and made everyone get ready to go. That's probably what it was."

On what the Bears did to be successful today: "We got pressure up front, No. 1. We stopped the run pretty well. It's always good when you make them to have to throw it. Our guys up front got after them; we blitzed when we had to and we got some guys to the quarterback. Bob (Babich) did a good job calling the game and we tackled when we had to tackle."

On guys stepping up to replace injured players: "Corey Graham stepped up today and did a good job for us. Who else? Israel Idonije, he usually does a good job and he's been good this whole season. But the list goes on and on of guys on defense right now that are playing. We've just got to keep it up and try to get better every week."

On facing Atlanta next week: "They're playing well; I think they beat Green Bay today, if I'm not mistaken. They're playing well. We've got them at their place and they're going to be ready to go. We'll have a good week of practice and be ready to go."

On how the defense is playing: "We're going real good. We had the opportunity to get a goose egg out there, we missed on that opportunity, but in the end, we're playing great in my opinion. I think we're heading to the No. 1 spot."

On who the biggest competition will be in the division: "Green Bay's always tough, Minnesota, just the whole division. It can go any way at any time. Every body's there, so you never know what can happen."

On if he sees any weaknesses in the defense: "No, I don't see (any) weaknesses. I think we're headed to the top - No. 1."

On the performance of the Bears' offense: "It's always good when the offense is moving the ball and keeping the defense off the field. It's great for us, gives us time to get rest. They're looking good. They're capitalizing on the big first downs and running the ball well. Everything is clicking right now."

On if he liked seeing QB Kyle Orton and the offense move the ball so well:
"Yeah, oh yeah. It's always fun to see the offense get on a roll and keep going with it. Those guys did a great job."

On what he takes away from the defense playing so well without DT Tommie Harris: "It's great. It's great. We obviously need Tommie in. When he comes back, hopefully he comes back healthy and when he's ready to go. But, other than that, yeah, we've got guys that can play. Just because they don't play doesn't mean they can't play. The guys did a great job out there today."

On if their 0-2 record vs. the Lions last season motivated them for today's game: "Obviously, we know. We know what happened here and we know what happened at our place. They beat us twice last year. But that doesn't give us a point, nor did it take away a point. You learn form it, but you've got to let that go."