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What else to say but what an incredible Super Bowl. Arguably one of the greatest endings in championship history as the underdog New York Football Giants stepped on the tracks while the train was coming through and derailed the 18- headed monster that was the undefeated New England Patriots. We could get into the controversy of Spygate and the media attention shrouding this game and the Patriots, but that didn’t affect the outcome of this game and those are other articles.


I got to witness the amazing finish including one of the most clutch plays I’ve ever seen in my life. I guess Manning played pretty good throughout the game, nothing worth calling home about apart from a beautiful move out of the pocket deemed fruitless by an overthrown ball from the young quarterback. But Manning kept his head and took charge of the team with captain-like confidence that even his brother Peyton watching in the skybox had to admire. After a HUGE 1st down on fourth and one with under a minute, it almost felt as though the Giants knew they were destined to win this game. Eli explained it beautifully in an interview immediately following. It was exactly where they wanted to be, in position to take the lead in their final drive. The ball- to- helmet- catch- play was miraculous, followed by a Spartan touchdown. I’m proud of Plaxico.


But what about Eli! The eagerness faded and his nerves settled. He knew what he had to do to win the game. You could see his determination while impossibly breaking tackles at the line of scrimmage against what looked like an unmotivated defensive line. Maybe not the best throw, but an amazing catch may have put Eli in the rankings with the greatest plays in Super Bowl history. If that play didn’t get you out of your seat, you must have been too drunk.


You have to admit it was a great ending (not so much for the Patriots) but a coming of age performance by a kid who took a lot of guff and turned it into an Escalade. And he still went out of his way to be humble about it. Eli did not win the Super Bowl for the Giants, but the bright future Eli Manning is looking forward to was set into motion at Super Bowl 42. And props to Hondo, Jamal, and myself for predicting a Giants victory…