Harrington lets Lions know that he wants to be a Dolphin 12:02 a.m.

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The Broncos really wanted Joey Harrington the embattled Lions QB and even made a move with the 49ers to acquire more "mid level" picks to do it. The Lions didn't really care where he went they just wanted an 06' fourth or higher pick. That said the Broncos didn't ask Harrington what he thought. Well earlier tonight Harrington informed the Lions that he wanted to be a Dolphin and now put all the pressure on the Lions. Harrington made it very clear that he realizes eventually he would be released and he also knows that a team would only trade for him if they could work out a contract, so now he plays the waiting game. One thing the Baby Kangaroo should remember is that most 6th and 7th round picks don't make a team.  Millen can hold back and cut him in mid June after the Dolphins will have certainly gotten another QB becuase Daunte will not be ready by opening day. The soap opera continues. One Lion told me last night: "we don't care he's not on this team, so if he wants to play hard ball, I would make him sit until they have to cut him. Make him miserable like he did us." That was funny and I think it really shows the frustration that this organization has with Joey.