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Here is a guest take from a reader in Kentucky about the Lions

I have edited out his last name but TL sent me this email and I have always tried to let the fans have their paltform. I am sick of people in the media acting like the fans are stupid. I have never believed that and never will. I may not agree with all the TL says but it is a good take from a real fan. I respect that. After you read it, send me you thoughts on TL's article.

Hello Hondo,

My name is TL *******, born in Gladwin, Michigan, currently living in Louisville, Ky. Home of the Kentucky Derby!

I am a passionate sports fan and love all Detroit Teams, especially the Lions. I am 59, so I have seen my share of

mediocrity and endured the inevitable breakdowns during Lion games and yet I endure and hope and believe it can only 

get better.

I recently came across your website and found your stories and information very interesting. Anything I can read about the Lions, is of great interest to me.I have written numerous letters to Matt, a few to Mike Martz and one to Rod Marinelli, only one person responded and that was Mike Martz, which I found very interesting.

I happen to like Matt Millen, I truly believe he wants the Lions to win, but there is no way he is as emotionally involved as I am, I have been involved for over 50 years, Matt is going on eight. Lets face it, watching football the past 7 years in Detroit has been painful. Marty was probably a better fit than Mooch, but he never really had a chance, and that Chicago overtime decision will stay with him for a long time. Mooch's offense was just terrible, and yet his teams were in a majority of their games, which tells you how many average teams there are in the NFL.

I will admit last year was less painful to watch, especially offensively. It was nice to see some movement in the offense, although our physicality was non-existent, and until we become more physical offensively, we will continue to struggle. You have seen some of these OTA's, so I was wondering if you think the addition of Mulitalo, Pillar and Foster is a positive? Is Backus really the guy we want at Left Tackle, he is dominating, I would call him serviceable. The strength of the team must be the O-Line and the D-Line. That has to be the foundation, so do we draft Joe Thomas? Try to steal Joe Staley?

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This is the best time of the year for Lions fans, as we are 0-0, the draft is coming up, we can be optimistic and we can dream. (LOL) I saw some improvement in performance and attitude last year, and we can only hope it will continue. The Lions game last year against New England was one of the best performances I have seen in years. They battled the  Patriots and outplayed them for 3 1/2 quarters, before Kitna made some costly turnovers and basically lost the game.

I told Marinelli in a letter that it was at the point in the season, that he should play McKown of Orlovsky, the remainder of the year, to see what they could do, to find out if they had "it"! If there was a game that demonstrated the weakness's and inability of Jon Kitna to win meaningful games, New England was that game, solid, consistent QB play would have allowed the Lions to win that game. So it was disappointing to say the least when Marinelli and Martz (I am sure Rod is going along with whatever Mike wants offensively) named Kitna the starter for the duration of the 2006 season and entering the 2007 season.

I believe Kitna is a good guy, who works had, who will give you 110%, but that will not be enough for him to lead the Lions to any significant victories. So, what are the Lions looking to do this year? Obviously, they want to improve, but how much, I read where they have to go 8-8 to save Matts job. Are you kidding? We have been 8-8 for 35 of the past 50 years. This year will be a year that should show marked improvement, it should also be a year to find our QB of the future and let Jon work with him. Is there a QB in this draft who could become a franchise QB and is worthy of a high round pick?

With the right personel and coaching, it is not inconceivable for any team to make a significant improvement in one year. The New England Patriots, were 5-11 in 2000, and improved to 11-5 and a Super Bowl win in 2001. The most significant change in that roster was the insertion of Tom Brady at QB. Is there another Tom Brady in this years draft?

I also find it quite interesting, regarding the  Lions saying they have a constant "need for speed" at the linebacker position. I understand the Tampa Two system, but I thought we had found our "speed" guys in Bailey, Lehman (I realize, he has been hurt a lot) and Sims. Speed may get you to the ball, but you still have to make plays and tackle. I don't think we are looking to build a track team here, are we? If you went by the criteria that Marinelli and Barry want regarding linebackers, the following players would not be able to play for the Lions. Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert, Hal Lanier, Mike Singletary, Joe Schmidt and even Matt Millen. Wouldn't it be nice to have a guy like Butkus or Lambert on the Lions, you think the team might have a bit of an attitude? If you took off a play, they would be in your "grill" in no time.

I am also still concerned about the Joe Cullen situation. I just don't think you can have 100% credibility with this guy still on the staff. He is supposed to be a teacher and leader of men and I find it hard to believe there is 100% respect from those players who are under his tutelege. There is no excuse for his actions, hey, I was once arrested and jailed overnight for drunk driving, but it happened once and it has NEVER happened again. This guy had two incidents within a short period of time and one incident was inconceivable.I am all for helping people and giving second chances, but not 3rd the 4th chances, especially in a profession in which it is a privilege to be involved in. What are your thoughts on this Hondo?

Well thanks for listening to my thoughts, I will continue to read your Lion updates and hope to speak with you again.

TL *******

Louisville, Ky