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Hello folks!
Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.

  • Don’t forget to join me each weeknight for Mid-Michigan’s most sports at 6:15 p.m. Monday thru Friday on ABC 53.
  • I am really excited. Tonight my special guest on Hondo’s House is the Tigers Curtis Granderson.
  • Javon Walker will get his wish if the Packers can get anyone to bite on him to trade him.
  • Yesterday at the Palace I talked with some New York folks and here are 2 tidbits that I got. 1) They are expecting the Knicks to part ways with Larry Brown by Larry’s design this off-season. Larry not coaching these last games after being cleared by a doctor is purely him quitting on the players he perceives quit on him. The Knicks have an insurance policy to protect them against the huge money they would have to pay Larry to get out. 2) Zeke Thomas is still very close to Jermaine O’Neal of the Pacers and with him being a free agent at the end of the season many folks think he will be a Knick.
  • My source up in Minnesota has given me two great pieces of information. 1) Don’t be surprised this off-season if Kevin Garnett becomes a Piston. Kevin loves Flip, is a no nonsense team player and a good guy. He would for sure fit in with the team. 2) Torri Hunter will sign with the Yankees this off-season.
  • UM tailback Kevin Grady lost 15 pounds this winter and will push Mike Hart for game reps.
  • At the of the writing of this blog, Chris Shelton just hit his ninth homerun of the season. I spent time with Chris yesterday and he is not bothered, either good or bad, from his start. Chris is a levelheaded great guy and he is just having fun. For people who think he will “crack” under the pressure of the start, truly don’t know Chris. I am sure that he will experience some ebb and flow this season, that is normal but he won’t crack.
  • These next 9 games out west (after today’s finale with Cleveland) will be huge. If the Tigers can go 4-5 that would be a very successful trip to me.
  • I will say this now; no one can stop the Pistons from winning it all, besides the Pistons.
  • The Miami Dolphins at a recent OTA saw a very humbled Ricky Williams
  • It is only 5 months and 20 days until the MSU vs. UM football game!

See you tonight on Hondo’s House at 7:30 if you’re in the Mid Michigan market.

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them! Peace!