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Hello folks!
Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.

  • My special guest on tonight’s special edition of Hondo’s House is FMR MSU star Tim Bograkos. Tonight’s show is very special as we focus on the NCAA Tournament.
  • John Kitna and the Lions came to a deal today for the former Bengal to join the blue and silver. It is a four year deal and Kitna was assured that he would get an equal opportunity to win the starters job.
  • Former Lion R.W. McQuarters joined the New York Giants. He agreed to a three-year, $6-million deal, including a $2-million signing bonus.
  • The Detroit Lions signed free agent Kalimba Edwards today to a 4 year $20 million dollar deal. It came with $8 million in guaranteed money. Edwards was a player that new defensive co-coordinator Donnie Edwards wanted the Lions to re-sign desperately.
  • MSU hockey won this weekend against the Nanooks of Alaska-Fairbanks. They now head to the semi-finals of the CCHA this Friday at 8, at the Joe, against the rodents of Michigan. Coach Comley has done an exceptional job and through it all have maintained his integrity and character. A fantastic guy and coach.
  • T.O. as you first read months ago on Spartan Nation was not traded and will be cut today. NFL teams were not going to make a costly trade for a guy that was going to get cut.
  • It appears that Drew Brees is going to become a Saint. Moments ago, a Vikings source confirmed to me that Daunte Culpepper has been traded to the Dolphins for a second round pick. With that, Brees get's "stuck" in a no win situation with one of the worst ownership groups becuase he thought he could "wait out" Nick Saban.
  • The Ravens would not have signed Mike Anderson if they thought Jamal Lewis would have resigned. They talked late yesterday with Anderson and he is willing to play some full back.
  • The Tigers lost yesterday in spring training baseball to the Phillies 9-2. That said the “new look” Tigers still are having am impressive spring.
  • Props to the Lions who finally resigned KR Eddie Drummond whom the Bears wanted badly. He picked up a nice signing bonus and will be in the fold now securely.
  • John Chaney, the temple coach retired yesterday. Sadly he should of retired earlier after his incident with sending in a player to a game to hurt another. Sadly this man has done so much good, but the bad will overshadow so much of it. Basketball had a good man in Chaney.
  • USA lost to Korea in the World Baseball Classic. Unlike basketball, it does not offend me if we lose. In basketball our best were beaten at basketball. They played the fundamentals and we played playground ball. With the classic, we are being out played at the fundamentals, and we have all been told since little league that the fundamentals win, and this is the proof. They should not be ashamed like the Olympic basketball team.
  • Allan Ray three days after a scary eye injury left the senior guard fearing he'd be blind, was cleared to practice Monday and is expected to play for No. 2 Villanova in the NCAA tournament. Forget basketball, and let the eye heal. You have to root for a kid with those kinds of guts, but you have to question a coach that would play him. This is not a bone, it’s an eye, and someone needs to speak for the kid and sit him down.
  • MSU center Drew Naymick broke his nose on Monday in practice. He is red shirting this season, so although it hurts, it does not affect the team this weekend.
  • MSU had its basketball bust last night, if you noticed. The media MVP was Paul Davis. Paul did a great job when he played inside like he should, but how they didn’t give that to Shannon is beyond me?
  • O.K. I am about to show my age here. I actually watch and very much like David Letterman. Anyways, Dave is on CBS and last night he had Howard Stern on who blasted CBS and it’s President Les Moonves. It was hilarious TV and if you didn’t see it, you should have.
  • If your looking for a great family movie, (yes I am again showing my age) take them, or a date to the 8 Below, that is a great picture.
  • Am I the only guy who is looking forward to the Larry the Cable Guy movie? The previews look hysterical.
  • It is only 6 months and 24 days until the MSU vs. UM football game!

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them!
- H

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