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Hello folks!
Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.

  • Don’t forget to join me each weeknight for Mid-Michigan’s most sports at 6:15 p.m. Monday thru Friday on ABC 53.
  • I am really excited. Friday my special guest on Hondo’s House is the Lions center/guard Brock Gutierrez. Brock is a great guy and is from Mid Michigan.
  • Speaking of the Lions, on tonight’s Hondo’s Highlights we will be packed with Lions and coverage of mini-camp.
  • Also on tonight’s Hondo’s Highlights we will have plenty of MSU spring football.
  • Yesterday was the first day of Lions mini-camp and Charles Rogers did nothing to improve himself. Very clearly he and Mike Williams are the great disappointments so far.
  • Shaun Cody looks great and with the “tweaking” of the defensive scheme would have probably replaced Dan “BIG DADDY” Wilkinson. Now that Big Daddy is contemplating retirement, I sure hope he doesn’t but it is not a going to be a killer.
  • Cody just looks great and I suspect he could have a real break out 2006 season.
  • I will be with the Pistons and Lebron tonight at the Palace. That should be a great game. Watch tomorrow nights Hondo’s Highlights to hear from all your Pistons and of course Eric Snow and Lebron.
  • You read it first on Spartan Nation yesterday but now that Damon Dowdell has signed with the Grand Rapids Rampage, we certainly want to send props out to a Spartan.
  • O.K., I know I work for ABC but when have I been politically correct? I hate the “new” Ten Commandments. Why do entertainment people think they have to remake classics? I am sure if I had never seen the first one with Charlton Heston I maybe would have liked it but it was terrible.
  • Jeff Capel will take the Oklahoma job today in Norman.
  • I have a source very close to John Calipari and he told me late last night that he was 100% sure he would take the N.C. State job.
  • The Spartan Nation’s Kelvin Sampson got a huge pick up yesterday when he got Mike White, a 6-6, 240-pound junior college power forward from Springhill, La.
  • Props to the Red Wings for winning the Presidents cup last night. That is a trophy for the best record in the NHL. Hondo’s Highlight’s was there and we will have the coverage tonight at 6:15.
  • Boss Bailey was not at mini-camp yesterday but Rod Marinelli did not seem to be to concerned and I have heard not complaining about his, so it could be injury related. I will find out more today while I am in Allen Park.
  • Continue to watch Pudge’s walk totals. As long as he is getting a walk on a somewhat regular basis you will see that his batting is going well. Pudge struggles when he is not being patient.
  • It is only 5 months and 25 days until the MSU vs. UM football game!

See you all tonight on the news at 6:15 and Hondo’s House on Friday at 7:30 if you’re in the Mid Michigan market.

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them! Peace!