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Hello everyone. I first have to give massive props to Caleb who works for us here at the show and He has done such a great job with this and I am really proud of him

I also think that you will enjoy all of the new articles. We cover a lot of info and I think it is really good. With all ventures, it can and should always strive to get better. I believe that what Caleb has done, is moving us to a better place and I am excited. All right it is now time for my random thoughts.

  • I was at the MSU vs. UM women’s basketball game last night. It was great to see the lady Spartans under such great leadership of Coach P drop the hammer on a team that was doing very well in the Big Ten. I sat by the band and let me tell you all, MSU is so fortunate to have such a great group of young people in the band. There were nearly 90 of them. I was able to meet the band director who was also such a fine young man. I am tired of people ripping the Izzone and the band, those young people are quality and I sure appreciate them.
  • After Hondo’s House tonight, I am heading off to MPLS for the MSU men’s game. This is not going to be easy, but I think that MSU can and should win this game. I agree with Dick Vitale that MSU is in the drivers seat and should win the Big Ten.
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  • We did a series this week on the news with new MSU head baseball coach David Grewe. I really think that this was a great hire. He is young, but MSU is selling “blue sky” (in business that means future potential) since our facilities on game day suck until we can build new ones. I think he is a fine young man and a great coach, he will do well.
  • I think that for MSU to accomplish as much as it wants to not only do we need the seniors to show consistency but also we need more from Marquise Gray. He is a fine young man, but we need some consistency and toughness from him.
  • It was nice to FINALLY see John L. Smith hire someone with some MSU ties, in hiring Dan Enos as the new QB Coach. I certainly am not taking the credit many others felt this way, but I cannot believe the complete ignoring of MSU tied people on this staff. Let’s face it, Enos is not going to be the deciding factor on whether or not he wins 8 games (the number I have said he must win to stay at MSU) but I think Coach Lansing will reach that number and this hire will be a great help with the future.
  • Props to Coach Comley, I have been an outspoken supporter of this man. He can coach and win. I think that he will be fine. The MSU hockey team got a huge win at Ohio State and is playing well. Props to Coach!

That’s all for now folks. I want to express my appreciation with you taking the time to read the site and I look forward to next time. Until then, if you’re at a game, show some love to the Izzone and the band…..H