Hondo's Blog for Wednesday April 19, 2006

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Lansing, Michigan

Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.


Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.Â

·       Don’t forget to join me each weeknight for Mid-Michigan’s most sports at 6:15 p.m. Monday thru Friday on ABC 53.

·       I am really excited. Friday my special guest on Hondo’s House is MSU head hockey coach Rick Comley.

·   ��   The Raiders will take Vince Young if he is available when they pick. I talked with an NFL player who was told by a Raider: “that’s our boy dog if he is available.”

·       The Broncos are trying to make as much room so that they can bring in Harrington. Remember people that they also drafted the Maurice with the arrogance that they could fix him.

·       Zach Randolph who never played defense at MSU, o.k. occasionally with Izzo all over his butt, has informed the trailblazers that he does not like the discipline of Coach McMillan is handing out.

·       Allen Iverson was late for a game that he knew he wouldn’t play in on fan appreciation night. One Philly insider told me today: “he made his point we know he wants out, it is up to management to decide if they want him out.”

·       Gonzaga saw Adam Morrison turn pro. Am I the only one who hopes he gets drafted my a team that makes him shave?

·       The Detroit Lions signed Bryant Shaw, the DT of the Grand Rapids Rampage today.

·       It is only 5 months and 18 days until the MSU vs. UM football game!

See you Friday on Hondo’s House at 7:30 if you’re in the Mid Michigan market.

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them! Peace! -H