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Hondo's daily blog gives you the scoop from the Lions OTA today.

Lions notes as the OTA’s continue

1.     Whether or not you like Coach Sarge Marinelli, I do. More importantly the players do. He has done and is doing a great job. The guys liked how Mooch ran a nice easygoing team, but they respect Sarge and that says a lot about his character.
2.     I am sick of pundits and members of the media being unfair to the Lions and to Matt Millen. Laugh if you wish but it is the purpose of journalism to be fair. It is not required to be neutral. I love MSU and the Lions, I don’t hide that nor do I feel I should. You can however expect me to be fair and I am. It seems that some members and I purposely put emphasis on some members, of the media will do and want to do anything to discredit the President of the Lions and the Lions and I will not stand by and be silent. For example, anyone in my profession with ½ of a brain knows and understands that a team can not and will not comment on a player that is currently employed somewhere else. I am of course talking about Warren Sapp. That said, we get a chance to talk real football with Sarge and people are pestering him with questions about Sapp. I sincerely felt sympathy for him. I will give you another example. James Hall makes a statement about “the grievance” that Marcus Bell filed with the league. He says he won’t talk and people pepper him with more. I understand you want more, but when a guy says no, then be a journalist and search out the story.
3.     Sapp wants to be a Lion. That is very clear. I spoke today on my way back to Lansing from Allen Park with someone “very close” to him and it is his desire to come to Detroit and be with Sarge. Sarge “has an idea” of this according to my source but is obviously not going to offend what he has here now as in the way of players, when Warren is not available. One thing is for sure and I have asked Sarge this. If he can make his team better anywhere, waterboy or QB or assistant coach, Sarge will do it. If he thinks Sapp makes them better, and he is there, Warren is a Lion. Remember that I told you first.
4.     Big Daddy was sad that his time here in Detroit came to an end. I told you that he would have liked to come back, on his terms, but Sarge could not and should not have let that happen. Sad to see but it was o.k. for the Lions and Big Daddy. He played poker, he bluffed and the Lions called it.
5.     Dan Orlovsky continues to get great reviews from his teammates. I want to stress that they are coming from guys who in the past have said nothing and they are coming from guys who have nothing to gain. One asked me not to use his name so as to offend the others, but he told me Kitna was clearly number one and Dan was even more clearly number two. He did however say that it is the best QB play has a whole that the team has had since he came to Detroit.
6.     I am fortunate that I have players that trust me to be truthful. I know what can be said anonymously and I know what I need to keep quiet. I want you the fan to know this. These players are on the same page. They respect and admire not just Sarge, but the staff and Matt Millen. I make no secrets that I support Matt and based on all the emails and calls to the Hondo Hotline, you trust my judgment and you do also. Be encouraged Lion fan, this ship is moving forward. This time there are no short cuts and this time it is being done right.
7.     The players have respect for this staff. One player told me today: “when these people came in, I admit it, I wasn’t gun ho ready and excited. I was wrong. This is a great staff that knows what it is talking about. I love being a Lion. I was part of the problem, I am now going to be part of the solution….now that I know what the solution is.” Let me ask you people a question, does that sound like a polluted locker room? I don’t think so. Don’t buy all the negativity you hear. That may sell papers but it isn’t worth…well you get the hint.

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