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Hondo's exclusive interview with new Lions RB Tatum Bell from the Lions OTA's!

Tatum Bell

Hondo: Well, Tatum welcome to Detroit. You step into a situation Kevin may or may not be here but you’re going to get every shot how do you feel?

Tatum Bell:Â I just going to take every chance I get to make the best of it.

Hondo: You’ve been in championship organizations, talk about your impressions now that you are a Lion.

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Tatum: I’m impressed so far. The team welcomed me in with open arms and I’m picking up the offense slowly and I see the win is coming. If I can put it like that.

Hondo: Talk about the attitude of this team. You weren’t here last year, it is completely different.  Because you have been in championship organizations how does that attitude parallel where you have been?

Tatum: Since I’ve been here you can tell that guys want to win and the ones that have been around and haven’t been winning are tired of it and are trying to step up. It’s showing through workouts or showing it on the field and like you said I came from a winning organization and I’m just happy to be here. I’m happy to be wanted and I’m trying to put my two cents in and hopefully get some wins.

We apologize to the great Lions fans that can’t watch this as a video which would be much better for the fans. The new recent stupid NFL rules prohibit that. So even though you can’t see it anywhere else since Hondo was the only reporter to do it, here is at least the transcript. Thanks Goodell.