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On getting LB Ernie Sims into training camp: "It's great. It's a real positive. We've just got to get him going. He's got all of the tools that we like. The attitude, that's what I love about the guy - willingness and all of those kinds of things. We've just got to get him in and start pushing him. Right now, he's a little bit behind."

On his initial impressions of Sims today: "Well, sometimes what happens is, these other guys' legs are all dead and he's got fresh legs. He looks quick but these other guys are a little tired so I take all of that into consideration. It's just great to have him here and get him going. Now we'll just get him in the fold and get the work for him."

On whether he was concerned about Sims falling behind: "I think that's always in your mind but it is what it is. I just didn't want to put another saddle on my back. When he got here, we were going to get him ready to go."

On DT Shaun Cody's injury: "I think we're just being pretty cautious with it right now. It's kind of day-to-day. In a few days he's going to be back. It's just sprained."

On CB Fernando Bryant not practicing: "(He had) a little soreness so we wanted to go ahead and just shut him down for this (practice)."

On whether LB Boss Bailey is close to being ready to practice: "Oh yeah - he's moving pretty well. He could be (available) pretty soon. We'll see. It's day-by-day. We'll just kind of wait and see but I think it will happen fast for him."

On his impressions after seeing Sims in pads: "He's faster than everybody right now - everybody's legs are tired. So he really looks fast. He is fast, but he's not that fast. He's an explosive but instinctive linebacker; his awareness inside-out to the ball, in the run game - he's going to develop into a real good pass defender because of his movement. He's got to learn those skills yet. He's got some natural blitz ability; really good blitz ability. With Donnie, he's got a good package in terms of blitzing and so forth, so I think we'll be able to really utilize this guy."

On whether he appreciated Sims' minor collision with RB Brian Calhoun during a team drill: "No, I don't. He's got to do things right."

On whether he could compare the Lions' defensive line to what he had in Tampa Bay: "I don't want to compare them because they're different style guys. But when they're on it with consistency, they've got a chance to be pretty impressive. It starts up front for us and it's the consistency day in and day out. It's hard to do and it's hard to teach. It sounds easy; 'oh, get off the ball' - until you're doing it about 40 times a game, 40 times a practice. Then it's the pressure of your hips and your feet. You've got to be in phenomenal condition to play that position; tremendous condition."

On whether this heat compares to Tampa Bay: "No - not even close. This is a nice day in Tampa.