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  • Paris Lenon was signed to fill in behind Teddy Lehman and although he isn’t a long-term answer, the Lions are pleased with his play. His speed and commitment to fundamentals should help him make this team.
  • With Marcus Pollard playing more H back then TE don’t think for one second he isn’t happy. “I love this offense Hondo. I love the way I fit into and I for one couldn’t be happier about it.” That is what he told me and I have a very good relationship with him. I usually don’t give a players name with a quote but he had no issue with it.
  • With the deadline to have your roster trimmed by 8/29 keep an eye out for some surprises. There are several teams that want Pinner (which I reported first) and the Lions want to wait until the last second in case there is an injury.
  • Will rookie Brian Calhoun make the team? It is a crapshoot. One veteran told me: “he’s a good kid but he hasn’t shown anything.” With what I am being told Arlen Harris is in, so that would leave Pinner and Calhoun out. It looks like K.J., Cory, Bryson and Harris in.Â
  • As I told you before and I am the first to have reported, Charles is done as a Lion. Sources close to the Dolphins have confirmed for me that they are sure he will end up in South Florida with Bobby Williams his coach at MSU and Nick Saban the head coach that recruited him.
  • Joey keeps running his mouth at the Lions. They are too classy to say anything so let me. Hey pretty boy, you got millions of reasons to like this town. Don’t blame the Lions that the people who played with you every single day (your teammates) thought you were worthless. You got a lot more then you ever earned here so go ahead and cry all you want about D-town, will see how well you do with Saban. He isn’t like Mooch he could care less about how you feel. I am hearing what your teammates think of you there, and I guess things don’t change.
  • The Lions look bad against the Browns and I think that Sarge needs to maybe go Tuna on a few guys that have been sitting to long. I am not worried however, this guy is afraid of no one or nothing.
  • The WR position looks close but I think Mike Williams makes this team. The Lions will probably carry six Wr’s: Roy, Mike Furrey, Corey Bradford, Eddie Drummond, Shaun Bodiford. So the issue is will the Lions expand to seven and keep Mike? I am not sure but I do think he makes it and I think that we take seven.
  • Browns coaches at the game on Friday were interested and had lots of questions about Lions center Brock Gutierrez. That is a fact. I was surprised when Steve, a loyal reader of Spartan Nation emailed me and told me that the Tribune Chronicle was reporting that the Browns want Gutierrez. I think he would be available but that does not mean the Lions want to get rid of him. People in Cleveland after the game we talking and even watched his interview with me on Spartan Nation after I informed them that it was there.
  • With hiring a nutritionist Mike Williams is showing some people he wants to be a Lion. It is just frustrating that he doesn’t show that all the time. I get disgusted to see so much talent wasted. Like one of his teammates told me: “I can’t do nothing no more. It’s like he thinks everyone is out to get him and that just isn’t how it is.” Sad! I hope he turns a corner but I don’t see it. I am not going to write all I know but this whole situation is sad. I am rooting for him, but sadly he has to want it as bad for himself as others do for him and that just does not appear to be the case.
  • Remember the old song “where have you gone Joe D?” Well I got a new on. Where have you gone Keith Smith? I love that kid. Great guy and all but what in the world has he done…fallen of the planet? He better pick it up and fast.
  • Concerned about the Lions D? Henderson’s attack sure is getting some turnovers and with so many starters hurt, that could be a sign of good things.


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  • Cory Redding missing Frye in the first quarter was frustrating but I loved his pursuit. The Lions had decent pressure all night.
  • Both of the Lions pre-season games, the Lions have ended the opponent’s first drive with a turnover.
  • You got to love seeing my boy Shaun Cody getting reps finally. He is a star in the making.
  • I am not a fan of Marcus Bell, but he gets props when he earns them and he had some great downfield pressure in the first quarter and that is what Sarge has been loving about him: his effort! Be careful Marcus and don't file a grievance on yourself. Was that mean? No he earned it. Maybe I should sack up and let the guy back in the circle of trust.
  • I was very impressed with a nice open field tackle by Fernando Bryant. It is no secret that his time in Detroit has been horrific but if his effort in the first quarter here was an indicator things may be looking up.
  • I like James Hall (even being a wolverine) but he missed an open field tackle that allowed a first down in the first quarter and in this Tampa two, that can’t happen. In his defense, he had a super open field tackle for a loss in the second quarter as well as some great pressure on the QB. I was simply pointing out that the Tampa two requires more discipline then Mike Williams at a Krispy Kreme store. In truth, I to would lack discipline there. I however am not an NFL wide receiver.
  • The D line has to make it a personal issue with them. On a critical 3rd and 1 in the first quarter they had a chance to stop a drive and simply gave it up with poor fundamentals. Sarge won’t tolerate it and the good news is that neither will they.
  • Donte Curry again showed why he is so valuable. He had a vicious hit on a second quarter kickoff that raddled the press box. Let me make it known: I love that guy’s motor and love for football!
  • Jared Devries had a massive hit after a pass in the second quarter. All he does is compete; he is yet again anther kind of Sarge guy. I love his heart. If Mike Williams had his heart he would be a hall of famer. Jared gets more with less and when I scream, yell, punch and act like a spoiled toddler, it is because I see guys like Devries who love the game and give more then they probably got, and then see people like my buddy from the Krispy Kreme. (If you failed to get the Krispy Kreme joke please see three points above this and welcome to today.
  • Ernie Simms got his 1st sack in the second quarter. That guy’s motor is awesome. He is a rare combination of love for the game and the skills. He is a very special football player. NOTE: please put the Krispy Kreme down Mike and go find Ernie and act like him.
  • It was nice to see Kalimba Edwards get a fumble recovery. I trust Matt Millen more then myself, but I think the Lions paid way too much for him and I hope he makes me look dumb for that opinion.

O.K folks. I will be in Oakland with the Lions and I hope you all keep rooting on our guys. I am just thrilled with the job this staff and Millen are doing. Don’t let the negative only media get you down. We should be guarded but not against. Go Lions!