Pistons Assitant wants vacant N.C. State job

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Humiliated, shamed, disappointed all of them describe how the members of the North Carolina State athletic family feel. After former coach Herb Sendek left for greener pastures in the West and A.D. Lee Fowler had botched the search for a new coach. After hearing from the Notre Dame Coach today that he also does not want the job I got a very interesting phone call today.

My source that is very close to the situation told me the Sidney Lowe the assistant coach for the Pistons wants the job and is actively trying to acquire it. That is a no brainer. If Fowler does not get alum that lead you to a national championship with NBA experience when everyone is saying no, then he is an idiot and needs to be fired.

My sources tell me that if it were up to Lowe the deal would be done. Look for this to evolve and Spartan Nation will be on top of it.  I will have more info on Thursday morning.