Reason number 4,895 why the NHL sucks

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Reason number 4,895 why the NHL sucks 

For those of you that don’t know, since the mid-90’s Detroit has been “Hockeytown”. It says so right on the ice. That title comes with Stanley Cup championships, Presidents trophies for the best regular season record, and home to NUMEROUS future hall of famers. Some people think that Detroit revived hockey in the U.S. after a strike in 1994. So how does NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman repay Hockeytown? By scheduling games 1, 2, and 3 of the Stanly Cup Finals (Red Wings vs. Penguins) at the exact same time and day of games 3, 4, and 5 of the Pistons-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals. 

Now I’m not calling out fair-whether fans here, but it’s true that more people become interested in their home town teams during the playoffs. The average fan joins the die-hard and root, root, roots for their home team. But how can fans of both teams enjoy the playoff success of the Pistons and Wings if they have to choose which game to watch? It’s ridiculous that the NHL refuses to reschedule its games so they don’t overlap with the already more popular NBA. David Stern, as I’ve said before, is the best commissioner of the 4 major sports without question. He’s come to the NHL’s rescue before; don’t expect him to make a habit of it. The NHL is inching itself further and further toward ostracizing its few remaining fans. Let’s over expand our league, cancel a season to show who’s boss, put our games on versus and go up against the second most popular league in the country. Yeah…how’s that working out for you NHL? 

And it’s not like either league could use the excuse “we didn’t know Detroit could put two teams in this position.” The Wings won the Presidents trophy and cruised to the Cup Finals, they were even picked as the cup favorite BEFORE the season. The Pistons are making their sixth straight Conference Finals appearance. Sixth!!! You could have penciled them in this spot at the end of last season because we all knew they’d be back. We haven’t seen this type of dominance since Magic and “Showtime” in the 80’s. The NBA constantly thanks Detroit for giving them a constant contender in the Midwest to avoid the East Coast/West Coast bias. The Wings are an Original 6 team who has more Cup appearances than every team except one; they should be considered a championship contender every year until Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg retire. 

Detroit has a chance to do something not many sports cities have been able to do: Win two championships in the same season in different sports. I’ve got my fingers crossed (for my own personal reasons) that BOTH the Pistons and Wings win gold and silver but it’d be nice if I could watch one without having to make a choice on the other. Do Detroit and the rest of your 37 fans a favor NHL: Reschedule the games and don’t EVER go up against the NBA ever again. You don’t need that headache.