Reports of Rogers Being Traded to Bronco's: "Not So Fast."

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Reports of Rogers Being Traded to Bronco's:Â "Not So Fast."

Earlier today the Rocky Mountain News ran a story on it’s website that the Broncos were close to acquiring Shaun Rogers in a trade from the Lions. Although the Broncos are certainly in the hunt for Rogers, a source close to the situation told me tonight, “Not so fast.”

There is at least one other AFC team that is still VERY interested in Rogers and another team that the source would not identify which league they are from. Rogers has issues having already been suspended for violating the leagues banned substances policy, and teams are weighing whether the often unmotivated, overweight and once suspended tackle is worth a high price.

One scout from an NFC team that is not interested in Rogers told me earlier this evening, “The NFL is a copy cat league. With all the success the Giants had, I think that helps Matt in trying to trade him. We wouldn’t even look at the guy, but there are a lot of teams that will.”

The Lions have to get rid of Rogers or face certain locker room issues that Marinelli has masterfully side stepped while at the helm. There are several players that see Rogers as a, “Lost cause,” to the Marinelli way. Although Rogers is talented when he chooses to be, he was given all the rope he needed by Marinelli to perform and play at his best and he did not return to Marinelli what he was given...that effort!

There was an Internet report earlier in the week citing that Rogers was close to getting dealt this week. The trading of Rogers is not surprise to readers of who knew he would be traded when we reported that fact weeks ago and was certainly not a new story.

Again we are not saying that Rogers won't be a Bronco, we are saying that the deal as of this writing is NOT A DONE DEAL.