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Reports out of Detroit about Martz leaving Allen Park in anger are false!

Sadly in journalism there are things that are reported that are not true. Now, sometimes people have bad information but it is the ultimate object that everything we present be truthful.

It was reported today that yesteday Mike Martz, the Lions new offensive coordinator left Allen park after something made him angry. Basically implying in my opinion that he acted like a spoiled brat and took his ball and went home.

This is what I know, and all you are very aware that I have had predictions that were wrong but NEVER sources. That said, I have talked with 2 people with very close knowledge of the situation and 1 who is intimately close to the situation (or lack of) all three I know and respect their integrity. All three not only tell me that Coach has not left in an uproar but that he has been "awesome" to work with and for. One source went as far as telling me that: "it is true that he left work early and the reason was that he had a meeting with his real estate agent."

That said, people have tried and will try to show and create trouble and anything that they can with these Lions and that is very sad. Things in Allen Park are fine, they are working hard preparing for the season, and that is the focus of this team. Take heart Lions fans, the only trouble in Lion land, is what they are preparing for the 2006 schedule!

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