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Sarge and Millen have the Lions on track!

The Lions are working quietly but they are also getting a lot done.

Last year when the Lions went to Dallas and won, so many people emailed and called the Hondo Hotline complaining saying that even in winning, the Lions were doing the wrong thing. Well to all of you, what do you think now?

The Lions are personally holding the rest of the NFL hostage with the #2 pick in the draft and simply waiting to see which team will blink first and make them an offer that can help this team get MARINELLIIZED faster!  (Do you like that term?)

The Lions, contrary to public perception and lazy reporting, are not dumb and Millen is working methodically and with purpose. Sarge is not in any way out of the loop and frankly is right down in the foxhole where they are working arm in arm as partners. That in and of itself is one great reason why this has been such a great off-season.

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I can already see your heads turning as you people talk about Curtis and Thomas and Fletcher heading elsewhere and asking me how has this been a great off-season. Thanks for asking and here are your answers.


  1. The Lions know that there was not going to be one particular player that could propel them to the Super Bowl. Why go out an overpay for someone that A) handicaps you from getting that guy possibly next year when this team is improved B) hinders you from developing the young players that you already have or hope to accumulate via the draft.
  2. Sarge and Millen both know football. I would concur that in the past Millen ceded to his coaches too much about picks. I know for a fact, and I don’t care what was reported that it was Mariucci that wanted Mike Williams because Mooch told me that personally. Millen gave Mooch his guy and look what that got us. Millen didn’t want Harrington but that decision was above his pay grade.
  3. The Lions needed a RB and they got a hometown kid (T.J. Duckett) that has learned how to love and prepare to play football. Ernest Byner (anyone want to look stupid and argue his football IQ…anyone…Bueller) personally tutored him after T.J. went seeking his tutelage.  Duckett is fast (runs a 4.4) strong (bench presses over 500#) and a young man that has been due to situations he couldn’t control five years more mature but with little of the body wear. Duckett has soft hands and can block. I laugh at the media that call him a short yardage back. Pretend to do your homework at least please! Ever heard of Christian Okoye? Don’t forget Tatum Bell who was “thrown in” with the Bly trade and all of a sudden you see great depth with little investment. To quote the guys at Guinness: BRILLIANT!
  4. The Lions went out and got some journeymen guards that have some nicks…but don’t forget they have two young guards (Davis and Peterman) that they are already high on. Why go spend the stupid money that has been thrown at guys when you already have two in house and a bevy of draft picks.
  5. The players are getting MARINELLIIZED (I have to trademark this before Millen makes millions from my idea in marketing) and love that Sarge is their biggest cheerleader. My family and I were having dinner with a prominent Lion and his family recently and he told us “we know that Sarge (yes he called him Sarge) has our back. He may kick our backside but he wants us to get the cash. I can tell you kick me all you want if you also help me to the bank.” These players buy what the Lions are selling and that makes things bright. Finally for the first time in years this team has bought into a concept and the direction.
  6. When the Lions jettisoned the guys that made the locker room a place that was not conducive to the system, they simply cut them loose. I am sorry if you had a $200 Dre’ Bly pro bowl jersey. Can’t help it if you’re a James Hall type of person, he and his attitude had to go. My point is that with the big money given to Mike Furrey and the letting go of some problematic players, the Lions sent a message. We don’t care where you were drafted and how big your name is. Player’s play and everyone else gets cut.
  7. For all the criticism they are getting for going after White and McDonald because they are only getting guys they know, I want to puke! Why go spend more money for a guy you don’t know. Martz and Sarge are getting this roster MARINELLIIZED (wow, I found a way to use it three times) by plugging guys that they know can play. Remember how excited everyone was about Furrey last season? Exactly. They weren’t. How many of the media that ripped the Lions for that signing came back and said, “Well it was the best WR free agent signing in the NFL.” It was and that should have been louder then a donkey braying at midnight in an old tin barn screaming to the Lions fans that these people get it.
  8. Sarge and Millen are accumulating picks faster then me, Damien Woody and Shaun Rogers pick up pounds at a Krispy Kreme store.  They want to build with young guys following the mold of the Patriots. They have a plan and they will stick to it. Want another hint? I can see them heading to a place where they perennially aren’t players in free agency.
  9. Lastly I must confess that I am not a SCIFI fan. I will tell you that in the last Star Wars movie that was made (I don’t get all the sequencing stuff so I can’t tell you what number it was) there is a scene in which the older, wise Yoda hobbles in, to fight the bad guy on his cane. If you haven’t seen the movie then you don’t have kids that made you go. Anyway, after a kick butt action scene Yoda demonstrates that he knows a thing or two about kicking butt even aged and hobbled. I admit that Sarge is my friend and that it is more then football. I like and admire him personally, but at the combine he came hobbling down the hall with his cane and all the big wigs of the other teams rushed by him with their air of self-importance. He just hobbled down the walk way with a big smile that said it all: “I may be hobbled but I am going to kick your butt.” I love that guy and I love the direction of this team. The NFL is taking notice, as it has become a Pandora’s box of speculation on who the Lions will select.  NFL teams are literally held hostage with speculation of whom the Lions will pick or trade with making this years while draft hinging on Motown. The Lions have this thing moving and it is fun to watch.

Listening and talking to the players this off-season has been a joy. Even last season when most of the team bought the direction there were still guys left that didn’t. The Lions have only three problematic players left, and one of them they hope to salvage.  Like it or not haters, this team is improved and this team is getting better. I better go hit something I’m getting MARINELLIIZED. Where are my pads?