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Spartan Nation 2007 scouting report: University of Michigan Wolverines

Spartan Nation 2007 scouting report:Â University of Michigan Wolverines

Predicted record:Â 10-2 (6-2)

Projected Big Ten standing: 3rd

Returning Starters:Â OFFENSE:Â 6 DEFENSE:Â 4 Lettermen return:Â 37Â

Head Coach:Â 11-2 Lifetime 113-36

Top assistant:Â Ron English, DC

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My first comment will not endear me with the Spartan Nation but personally as a person, I like Lloyd Carr. I may not like what is perceived to be his complaining, but let’s face it: he wins. To be honest, he may not have coached as long as Bo, but UM fans need to wake up and realize that he is a better coach than the legend. With all of those accolades, I also don’t think that there has been a more under performing program in the nation in the last ten seasons since they won the national title if you look at talent only and not the circumstances.Â

Much to Carr’s chagrin, he has had the best coach in the nation that also happens to be employed by his biggest rival at Ohio State. Carr can’t get over the Tressel hurdle. That is not because he is a terrible coach it is that he isn’t as good as Tressel. That isn’t a slam on Lloyd. I think that Tressel is the best in the business.

The Wolverines come in loaded on the offensive side of the ball. The are led by a young man that I have said is hands down the most talented football player in the nation in Jake Long. Long is a prototypical LT that I know the NFL is salivating over. He has all of the tools and has no weaknesses. They also have the Henne and Hart guys and a very good WR group. On person that doesn’t get the love that I think he deserves is TE Mike Massey. He has a lot of tools and the Wolverines will be able to put a lot of points on the board.

That is a good thing Wolverine fan because your defense has a lot of question marks. As good as the offense is, the defense will struggle. That is why I think this team will run the table and go 10-0 to start the season, but will struggle and lose the last two games against Wisconsin and Ohio State.

The one question you have to have about the offense is that the OC is Mike DeBord. DeBord was the head coach at CMU and was pitiful at best. Let me give you a word picture that tells you how bad he was. I would look like a better thong bikini model than he did as a head coach. There is a lot of speculation (and I believe it) that Carr is done at the end of the year. If that speculation is true (and again I believe it is) there is a lot of talk that DeBord may be the one that Carr anoints to take his place. I, and anyone else that is not a fan of UM should be praying and asking God for such a Christmas present. If DeBord gets the job as the HC, let us all bow and thank Michigan.

Make no mistake, the Wolverines will be tough and will take care of people with their offense in spite of DeBord. That said, in the end they may beat Wisconsin but they won’t get past Ohio State and Tressel.