The Week's Ticket Machine Ticket Winners!

Publish date: and want you to go to a Tigers Game for Free!

The Ticket Machine is the only source for Tickets to any event, border to border and coast to coast. They want to send two deserving people to Comerica Park for this years pennant race. All you have to do is send me an email, in the subject line put The Ticket Machine. In the email tell me why you want two tickets and I will take all the entries and put the winner up here next week. How do I select a winner? We put all entries in a hat and draw one. Here is this weeks winner courtesy of our friends at



 My name is Natalie and I am fourteen years old. I want to take my dad. He has four girls and he loves us very much. When he and my grandfather get together to watch the Tigers, they talk about when they used to go to Tigers games.

 My father never had a son and I would like to take him. My grandfather is older so he can’t go with him and even though he has never complained I do think my dad is disappointed he didn’t have a son to go with.

 I think it would be neat and it would be so nice to do something for such a great dad. We hear a lot of kids that don’t have a dad or have ones that aren’t so great. He is a super dad and I am sure we would have fun.

 Thanks Hondo and Ticket Machine.



Well Natalie you are the winner. I talked with your mother April and she assures me that you are loved, but that your dad would love this. Enjoy yourself your tickets are mailed.


Don’t forget to email in for your chance next week and as always, for all your tickets to any event anywhere it is always