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Thoughts on the Lions vs. Vikings game


  1. As I told you Lions WR Mike Williams got significant time and did squat. MEMO to Mike Williams: this is the NFL. Not For Long with your play. Your teammates had your back and said it was time, the coaches agreed and you choked. GROW UP!
  2. Shaun Rogers: you got all the love for the Seattle game and have done nothing since. Man up and play with intensity all the time. Do you know what you call someone who is great occasionally and absent often? Lazy! I am sick of watching you laugh and joke after a loss. Sarge deserves better, oh wait, you don’t care it isn’t about the “TEAM” it’s about you. I always talk about players with great skill and no heart: that is you!
  3. Mike Martz in any normal circumstance should be criticized for only running the ball twice in the fourth quarter but after watching the film multiple times, I can assure you that with a patched o-line the Lions were not going anywhere and he saved Kevin Jones life.
  4. Ernie Sims is more of a star and a much better locker room guy then Shaun Rogers and the Vets on this team love Sims and he has already made a huge impact in the locker room. One Vet said: “he is the best player on this team. I am a pro and I love to watch him.” He went on to say: “if you want the prototypical player that coach (Sarge) wants it is him. He has to have help getting his pants on after a game he is so beaten and sacrifices for the team.” WOW!
  5. MEMO to Dre’ Bly. Do you remember the entire smack you talked last year? Well now your offense is doing something and where are you? I love you Dre’ but you’re a captain. Man up and talk to your D-line or at least be fair and talk about them.
  6. There are no issues with Kitna. He is a very good QB and yes, he did hold the ball to long but he was trying to make a play. He was on the ground 13 times by my count (5 sacks and 8 poundings) and that is because we have a patched up offensive line.
  7.  More lazy D-Line. I have been critical of all the money that the Lions threw at Kalimba Edwards and I have been proven right. He is unmotivated and like Rogers, is in my opinion: lazy! Let me also say that this is not just my opinion.
  8. I think for those of you that think this team is a bunch of losers (I don’t) that one veteran and team leader that is thought very well of around the NFL said it best: “Hondo I have played football my whole life and for the first time I want to win more for that man then me.” Don’t anyone email me and tell me that you think pro football players are all self centered. For every Shaun Rogers on this Lions team there are 15 like this guy. This team in getting whipped by injuries and I know that the average fan doesn’t want excuses (neither does Sarge) but I am telling you we have got the right staff. We do have to fix the D-Line, (not Cody) and get some DB help but this is a team moving in the right direction. I realize that you people will kill me with email but you know I am not afraid to be critical and although parts of the Lions deserve it, not the whole.
  9. With all the injuries, I think that o-line has been a bright spot. “How can that be Uncle Hondo you ask?” They still produce points and they still move the ball. Get off of the Lions butt for lack of rushing yardage yesterday, without a running game (because of injury) they still put all those points on the board. Imagine what this offense would be like with a healthy line.
  10. Yes I totally 100% unequivocally love Sarge. That guy is a stud and a star. Don’t think he will let this thing simmer and sure as…..heck….(don’t you love the self control?) don’t for one second think he can’t do it. He will be a star when his career is done.
  11. On a positive note: Joey “The Baby Kangaroo” Harrington: 0-1 as a Dolphin starter!
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