Tony’s Weekly Tantrums!

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Michigan coaching search

Where to start. In the initial press conference to announce that Lloyd would not be returning to U of M, Bill Martin said that he had a list of 20 candidates. If that was the case, why did the whole search become such a disaster after Les Miles decided he wasn’t going to take the job? Why did they go after Les and Kirk Ferentz TWICE? As a Michigan fan, you are taught that EVERYONE wants to take the head coaching job. Is it humbling to see that you were turned down by 5 people before finding the right “Michigan Man”? Ok, on to Rich Rodriguez. This, in my opinion, is not the right hire. He has been a very good to great coach the last 5 years at Michigan’s minor league coaching University known nationally as West Virginia. He built up that program from obscurity to number 1 in the nation before being embarrassed by the Moustache and his Pitt Panthers. But that is West Virginia. And that is the Big East. The Big Ten is a whole different league. He didn’t have to deal with the media the way that he will in Ann Arbor. He will be successful if he as able to get to his 4th year and get all of his kind of players in the mix. The problem is that I don’t believe he will be allowed the 4th year. When UM goes 6-6 his first year the media will be all over him. They will come up with stories about how he isn’t a “Michigan man” and Bo never would let it get to this point. When they do that, the Wal-Mart Wolverines will stop coming to the games, and ultimately turn into MSU fans, because they already root for the Spartans in basketball anyway. When they stop showing up at the Big Hole in the Ground by year 3 the administration will be forced to make a move. And I guarantee you that Les will be the first in line ready to take the job. Now I could be totally wrong. RR could be the savior that the fans and Detroit media are hoping for. But don’t forget that the guy you ran out won more national titles than your former savior Bo.

MSU Football

I’m still giddy as a little school girl about the fact that we’re going bowling. I’m not sure whether that is sad or a good thing. This program should be bowling every single year, no exceptions. Ok, onto my next point. Devin Thomas put in his papers to the NFL to see where he would stand in this year’s draft. This is absolutely the right move for D. If he is going to be a first round pick, he has to go to the draft, unless it’s the Lions who are looking at him. Ok, I’m getting to the Lions later. This year’s crop of wide receivers is better than normal, especially when you look at the juniors eligible to come out. I hope that he stays, but either way I wish him the best of luck.

Detroit Lions

Guess What! The Lions we all know are back! They were absolutely embarrassed once again. This has gotten out of hand. I don’t remember a time even in the last 5 years that the team just absolutely stopped playing. When watching the game every single player on the field and the sidelines looked totally defeated. They have talent. They have a good coach. But they don’t care anymore. They know the season is lost. It won’t be turned around this year. They might beat the Chiefs, but don’t count on it. The team quit on the coaches and in turn some coaches (Martz) have quit on the team. They need to make an incredible number of changes this offseason, and it starts with GM Matt Millen. I like him, but he has not shown that he can put together a winning team. The fact that the Cleveland Browns are tied for the lead in their division and could be headed to the playoffs is just proof that a team at the bottom of the league can turn it around. They also need to get rid of the rest of the locker room cancers such as Shaun Rogers. His lack of production on the field does not warrant him a spot on the roster. Here are four words for all of the other Lions fans out there: Wait til next year. It will be the year to know of Marinelli will be able to turn this team around.


Will someone let me know when the games start to matter?


See above.

High School Basketball

I have been able to attend a few high school men’s and women’s basketball games this year. This year they changed the seasons so that the varsity women play before the men. This is in no way the fault of the MHSAA as many people think. When the lawsuit was not overturned it forced them to change seasons. So far this has been a horrible horrible mistake. The gyms have been less than half full by halftime of the women’s game, and when people do start showing up, they’re very uninterested and mostly bored until the men’s game starts. When the women were playing all alone in the fall, they had the gym to themselves, and everyone there was more than interested. The games started at a good time for people to watch. Here’s hoping that someone else sues to force them to go back to the way that it was.

Everyone have a very safe and happy holiday!!

Also check out this youtube video. It’s not sports related, but it is amazing, especially if you are in the audio industry like me. Make sure to wear earphones and close your eyes, otherwise it won’t work.