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It’s been three days since the Beijing Olympics ended and my head’s still pounding from the post-Olympic hangover. Judging from the amount of viewers that watched; over 211 million viewers throughout its 17 day run making it the most U.S television event of all time, I’m sure some of you are feeling the same thing. So rather than sitting here wallowing in self pity, I can’t help but think of what the sporting world will unveil by the time the 2012 Olympics in London roll around.

           MLB – Let me begin with a bombshell… The Chicago Cubs, yes the Cubs will win the World Series… With the team they’ve created along and with of possibility of a new owner in the form of Mark Cuban, who will do anything to win, I think it’s not only possible but probable. As for the rest of baseball; I think we’ve seen the Yankee experiment has shown its not working. Start build from the ground up.

           NBA – Kobe, Lebron, Wade and the rest of NBA superstars will all be playing in Europe! Just kidding. This “mass exodus” everyone talked about, won’t happen. Sure when you throw ridiculous numbers like $50 million per around, everyone will listen. But don’t expect much from it. You will see a couple third or fourth tier players make the move for more money and playing time.

           NFL – Great news; in the next four years, Brett Favre will be retired. Wait I mean he won’t be. Or maybe he is; who knows. I do expect however, a Dallas Cowboys resurgence and they could hoist the trophy a time or two. The NFL’s rehab team might actually be working.

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           NHL – Yes there will still be an NHL by 2012 and I actually think it’s on the right path to turning this around. Gary Bettman’s introduction of the annual outdoor game has revived some interest in the sport. “Hockeytown” will still be “Hockeytown” and the Red Wings will continue to win but there are some young teams in Pittsburgh and Chicago that will start making things interesting. Now if they could only get the NHL back on ESPN!

           Spartan Nation – No surprise here, Tom Izzo will lead the Spartans back to the National Championship. In fact you might even see a rematch of this years ACC/BIG 10 Challenge game at Ford Field. As for Coach Dantonio’s team; don’t be surprised if they’re competing for Rose Bowl in the next couple of years. I still think they’re a few building blocks from there but he is building a great foundation. “Big Brother” up there in Ann Arbor better look out.

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