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With Jurrjens Out, Tigers Need To Step It Up

Yesterday in the second inning of the Tigers and Yankees game at Comerica Park, Jair Jurrjens, the rookie pitcher that was brought up to fill in for the injured Kenny Rogers, left the game because of a sore shoulder. It was said after the game the Jurrjens was placed on the 15-day disabled list because of inflammation around his right rotator cuff.

Injuries have been a major problem for the Tigers this season and that has not been a good thing. With Gary Sheffield out of the line-up, the Tigers don’t even look like the same team. And Kenny Rogers, he has only pitched in six games this year because he started the season with an injury and let’s face it, he could possibly end the season with one too.

One thing that many people said about the Tigers at the beginning of the season was that players that were brought up to fill in for the injured starters would not do their job. This caused a lot of talk during spring training as well as the off-season about how the Tigers would not do as well this season because people would not step up. Well, I’m here to tell you that those players that were brought up from Toledo and Erie are doing great and it’s some of the players that we should count on are the ones that are struggling.

One player that has done his part since coming up from Toledo is Ryan Raburn. His batting average is .326 and let’s face it, that’s pretty good for the teams that the Tigers have been playing lately. Another player Cameron Maybin. I know that his numbers don’t show that he’s been doing all that well but he did awesome against Roger Clemens that past two times that the Tigers have faced the Yankess. How awesome is it to say that you hit your first career home run off of Roger Clemens!?

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As far as struggling goes, the starting pitching is what needs to step up, especially with Jurrjens out for a few days. Robertson has been outstanding and it still makes me sick that he went eight and two-thirds of an inning this past Thursday and wasn’t even able to get the win. Verlander has been ok, and I’m being lenient about saying that. His pitch count is getting way too high to fast. But at least now our bullpen is able to come in and take over and do a good job. I no longer get scared when the bullpen comes in.

I know that the Tigers haven’t one a series in a really long time but it’s ok…they’ll turn it around over the next month. GO TIGERS!