Dion Sims Story is Tragic, but Mark Hollis, Mark Dantonio and Tom Izzo Handled it Great

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Sims story is tragic, but how the athletic department at MSU handled it is worthy of praise.  Photo courtesy of MSU SID.

Sims story is tragic, but how the athletic department at MSU handled it is worthy of praise. Photo courtesy of MSU SID.

Everyone has been asking about #80. Where is Dion Sims? Is he hurt? Is he in the doghouse? Why is he not on the field? The truth is truly sad.


We have known about Dion’s legal troubles here at Spartan Nation since the first week of February (basketball season). Many speculated that Dion left the basketball program because he couldn’t crack the playing group. The truth is that we probably could have used him during our Final Four run with all of our walking wounded.


I know that there is little tolerance for legal trouble around MSU athletics. Last season certainly didn’t help matters with Rather Hall capturing the headlines for much of December and January. The Dion Sims situation is just hard to believe. There is nothing rational about it. 


Dion’s involvement in the DPS computer scandal is shameful. It is embarrassing and deserves punishment. I am in the camp that hopes Dion pays his debt if convicted and then works his way back onto the team. A future NFL tight end prospect has no business keeping company with thieves, let alone thieves that burglarize elementary schools. 


My hat goes off to the MSU athletic department. They knew that he was facing a potentially embarrassing legal situation and made sure that he was not participating in games while potential charges were pending. Hollis, Dantonio and Izzo deserve credit for not letting him play before the situation was resolved.


Even if Dion is convicted, he deserves a second chance. I don’t think Dion is a bad kid. In fact, everything I’ve heard about him is just the opposite. Bad judgment often leads young men down the wrong path. As more details come out Hondo will say a lot.


If society wants a better man when this is over, then he should be sent back to the Duffy Daugherty Building where he can get the discipline from role models like Coach Dantonio and Coach Mannie. One thing about legal trouble and MSU football, there is always a debt to be paid in the form of community service and stadium stairs. I hope Dion is around to receive his MSU punishment. 


Spartan Nation showed restraint commenting on this story until charges came out. When Hondo addresses the situation in totality, I am sure more details will emerge. None that will make it right, but details that at least can and will give you more perspective.