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Tyler O'Connor is now a Spartan.  Congratulations to Tyler and his family.

Tyler O'Connor is now a Spartan. Congratulations to Tyler and his family.

It’s official, Michigan State has its quarterback for the 2012 recruiting class, and the Spartan staff reeled in a definite keeper yet again. This week Tyler O’Connor out of Lima, Ohio committed to play his college football in Spartan Stadium.

At 6’3”, 202 lbs Tyler O’Connor is the prototypical quarterback.  His size, speed, big arm, and physicality on the football field make him a particularly enticing prospect, that the Spartans are certainly very happy chose to come to East Lansing.

O’Connor is an outstanding passer that will fit perfectly into Mark Dantonio’s pro-style offense. Last season, his junior year, Tyler threw for more than 2,500 yards and 27 touchdowns. However, it may be his all around athleticism that will set him apart from other members of the 2012 quarterback recruits. Tyler managed to rush for 470 yards and 13 scores last season. Although he is considered to be a more standard drop-back passer, his ability to run will be a great asset to him as he begins his career as a college quarterback.

Some, however, do tend to worry about the durability quarterbacks who don’t mind running for a first down. This doesn’t seem to phase the tough-as-nails O’Connor though. He said, “I’m not afraid to lower my shoulder and run someone over to get those extra couple of yards we need to move the chains.”

Tyler’s biggest attribute is his pinpoint accuracy. He rarely misses on throws inside of 25 yards, which is more than can be said about many high school quarterbacks who will be given scholarships to BCS schools. O’Connor humbly gave the credit to his coaches when he was asked about his uncanny accuracy. “Every bad throw I have, they have a reason for it,” he said, “All the credit goes to them, really.”

He is also a step ahead of many of his peers due to his intense aptitude for the game and sharp intelligence. Tyler is currently carrying a 3.8 GPA, and his smarts show in his measured and thoughtful responses to interview questions. But his brains can only get him so far on the football field, it takes work to know the game inside and out. But Tyler is certainly further along in that respect than most other high school quarterbacks. He understands that it’s the film room where games are truly won and lost. He explained his dedication to film study, -“I know that’s a big part of growing as a quarterback, so that’s definitely something I focus on.” He elaborated, “You watch a lot of film, and based off of that you go off of instinct.”

Tyler had said from early on in his recruiting that he felt comfortable at Michigan State, and why shouldn’t he? Michigan State has some of the best athletic facilities in the Big Ten, and that fact wasn’t lost on O’Connor. “Everything up there is top notch,” he said, “and you aren’t going to get anything better across the nation.”

Tyler also was quick to point out that he wasn’t alone in his recruiting journey, and made sure to thank his parents. “I wouldn’t be where I am without them,” he said.

Tyler O’Connor has all the tools to be a fantastic quarterback at Michigan State University. With his commitment to the Spartans, Mark Dantonio has added another quality football player and quality person to his football team, a team which a few years down the road is going to be led by Tyler O’Connor.