19 MI OLB Brock Horne Recaps MSU Visit

Hondo S. Carpenter
19 MI OLB Brock Horne and Mark Dantonio. (PHOTO:  Horne Family)
19 MI OLB Brock Horne and Mark Dantonio. (PHOTO: Horne Family)

19 MI OLB Brock Horne Recaps MSU Visit

Romeo (MI) 2019 linebacker Brock Horne has been on #5 Michigan State’s radar for some time and the 3-star recruit made a return trip to East Lansing recently and he recapped his visit with Spartan Nation.

Football at its core is about toughness. Brute force strength in a man’s sport and that is the epitome of this young man. His long hair may look like he belongs on a California surfboard, but Horne is a brutal football player that brings an old-school mentality to the game. Horne said that he was happy to be back on campus and around the coaches and players with the football program.

“It was great, as always,” he said. “With Michigan State, there are real charismatic people there and it was just good to be back up there.”

Horne currently holds 10 offers, including offers from Iowa State, Harvard, Central Michigan, Buffalo and Bowling Green. It is the camp season coming up in East Lansing that will define Horne.

As kind and nice of a gentleman that you can imagine as a person, Horne’s inner beast comes out on the football field and for those who will be competing with him for an elusive scholarship at camp, that is not good news. Horne is a competitor and in an age of entitlement that ruined many in his generation, Horne just looks to compete. He is a fighter, a scrapper and plays with a passion that borders on rage. While others will enter camp wanting an offer, Horne is going to show up and earn one and take one. His passion is contagious. He won't make a fool of himself with the look at me antics, that isn't his character. Just put on the film and the soft-spoken star lets his play tell the story of a caged animal let loose between the white lines.

While he hasn’t received an offer from the Spartans yet, Horne said that the Michigan State coaching staff has told him that they would like to see him during spring evaluations or at the Michigan State elite camp on June 17th, before officially extending an offer.

“They pretty much told me that they won’t do anything until either after the spring evaluation period when they come to school to watch me work out or until after their June 17th camp,” he said.

When it comes to a potential offer from the Spartans, Horne said that it would mean a great deal to him and loves the idea of playing in the Big Ten Conference and in front of large crowds.

“That would be fantastic,” he said. “Playing at a MAC school, not to degrade it, it’s Division 1 football, but it’s nothing compared to a Big Ten school, playing in front of 80,000 people and that’s just crazy and mind-blowing to me that I would have the opportunity to do that. I’m very excited and hopefully, that comes.”

On his most recent visit, Horne said that he had the opportunity to watch a practice session and said that he liked how the practices were run and feels he could fit into the competitive environment that the Spartans have in practices.

“I definitely liked the way that they structured the practices, they do a lot of offense vs. defense,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun seeing the running backs against the linebackers in some hitting drills. It’s a lot of high-intensity drills and high competitiveness and that’s how I like it.”

Horne also said that he was able to spend time talking to and watching Michigan State defensive coordinator Mike Tressel and has enjoyed getting to know him and getting to see how he coaches.

“I think coach Tressel is great,” he said. “I like the enthusiasm that he brings, his coaching style, he doesn’t seem to yell at the players too much, a lot of building up. He just seems like a good coach.”

Horne is not a bully. But he is the guy that shows up, beats up the bully, takes the bullies lunch and kisses the bullies mother. He is a competitor along the lines of a Kirk Gibson, Max Bullough and Drew Stanton. All ICONIC Spartans.

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for all of the latest news on Horne and the Spartans! Spartan Nation has been in front on Horne. If the Spartans don’t take him, they will play against him and regret it. Horne is a star that will compete to play on Sundays. That is why we project an MSU offer as a matter of when and not if.

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