22 MI QB/ATH Tyrese Miller Talks UV to MSU FOOTBALL for Blowout Win Over WMU!

Hondo S. Carpenter

This young man has 3 more years of high school before making the step to college, but he already made a recruiting visit to The High Cathedral of the Spartan Nation on Saturday to be a part of the win over WMU. He shares with Spartan Nation how that visit went. “It was a lot to take in really. It was crazy. The new facility, how they built it in and stuff. Walk on the field, shake some players hands too, meeting all the coaches like Dave Warner the quarterback coach.”

Tyrese plays football for Waverly High School is Lansing, MI. He just started his sophomore year. Tyrese has participated in Rising Stars in Pontiac, MI. With interest starting early, his support team is ready. “I got family helping me and supporting me all around. Got a couple of coaches who help me too like Reggie Wynns. He actually got me the visit to Michigan State. He’s a 7-on-7 coach at Rising Stars. He has that in Pontiac; that’s all-season training. I’ve been doing that for 9 months.”

Tyrese has football skills that many don’t have at his age. We talked with him about what his coaches expect of him. He told us, “Coaches want you to survey the whole field before you start running the ball. Because you get that split second, because that split second means someone’s probably wide open down the field. Either that or you can just run the ball if you see something.”

He has three more years to perfect his football skills. He has things he would like to work on, “Speed, trying to get out of the pocket more and surveying more of the field.” There are also places he feels are his strengths, “Passing mostly, but I like to also show the coaches that I can be a dual threat.”

High school football has already played 2 games. We asked Tyrese how his season is going so far. “It’s going ok. We’re 1 and 1 right now, but our next game is against Everett which is probably going to be like a real good match. I’m really excited and ready to play ball.”

As he looks forward to the rest of his high school career, Tyrese stated previously, “My motto for my high school future is focus on the 3 A's in life: 1) Academics, 2) Athletics, and 3) Attitude. Without these 3 things, I cannot be successful in life.”

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