Answering Your Michigan State Spartan Football Questions and Emails!

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI

Hondo, I know that Mark Hollis wanted to move on, but here is a long shot. If Mr. Beekman decides he wants to go back to the education side, would you think Mr. Hollis would come back? Chris in Birmingham

Until Mark Dantonio is no longer employed at Michigan State, I do not believe Mark Hollis would return to campus for any reason, let alone to be the AD again. In my War Room article on Friday, I will go into in-depth details as to why Mark Hollis left. People need to know the real story. Mark and Nancy Hollis are two of my favorite human beings on earth and Mark has been smeared and maligned wrongly.

Hondo do you think people will be able to tell the difference in the MSU offensive scheme this season? Carlos G.

Yes, without a doubt. The coaches want a lot more open attack with the QB running.

Outside of the offense, what is the biggest thing that concerns you as far as a hindrance to Spartan football this season? Thanks for keeping Spartan Nation free. R. Harmon

No doubt, the Curtis Blackwell lawsuit against Michigan State is the biggest bombshell that people are NOT talking about presently and should be. A lot there. MSU does NOT want to this to go to trial. They need to step up, pay him, and get an NDA ASAP. More on this next week.

Hondo I saw reported at Spartan Nation that Anthony Williams didn't play in the last scrimmage. I also saw your reports that Kenny Willekes didn't play. DO you think both will be ready for the season? Kevin Gant

Willekes was held out to be safe. No issues, Williams was dinged up in the first scrimmage. Hopeful he will be back, but I wouldn't say 100% sure right now. Probable, but not guaranteed.

Why is Michigan State struggling so much with in-state top football talent since the Dobbs class very curious thanks!! Guy Jenkins

Well, the Dobbs class was last year. So it isn't time to panic, but they are struggling for several reasons. The biggest is that there is a ton of talk among coaches both in college and high school that Mark Dantonio is going to retire after this season. Second, the MSU offense has been terrible for a long time. Dantonio refusing to firer staff was equivalent to going to Vegas and moving all-in with your chips. In this case, on his legacy. Offensive players, especially at QB, RB and OT are getting a full dose from schools competing for talent. Not a time to panic if all is repaired offensively.

Hondo I have written to you before. As you know I have a neighbor (Name withheld but please don't use names) is an MSU administrator. He says the word at MSU is that Coach D will get his four or five million dollar bonus in January and retire to his new Florida home he bought last year after signing day. He also said the word is that Coach will try to do it like Bob Stoops so he can name Mike Tressel, the new coach. Have you heard that? Eric B.

I have heard that scenario from several people. I have also reported previously of more than one person at MSU, saying that AD Bill Beekman has talked to them about Mike Tressel as a successor. I asked two members of the Board of Trustees (who hire the AD, Football & Men's Basketball Coach at MSU) about that. Both said nearly the same thing. But here is a quote from one of them directly, "Bill and Mark if that is true needs to understand their job and hiring the next coach is our job, not theirs." Dantonio was asked at Big Ten Media days about an end plan, and he said he is, "In the moment." I did specifically ask him about many at MSU and other places speculating on this being the end, and he told me, "I am in the moment." He then smiled and walked away.

Hondo do you think Brian Lewerke is ready? Thomas, Laingsburg, MI

I do. Last year from staff and players alike you heard rumblings of how poorly his camp was. There was a concern early, off the record. You heard it even early in the summer and late spring. But I can tell you privately this team is sold on Brian. That is super news. They have bought in, and because I trust what is said in private far more than anything else, I trust them. My job is to pass on to you the inside, and that is what they are saying inside.

Hondo I look forward to your season preview every year and prediction. When will that be out? Dan East

Monday and then our Scouting Report and prediction will go up Friday AM next week. Are you ready for some football?

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