Cedric Everson is a Spartan!

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Breaking recruiting news!

Cedric Everson III will be making a visit to MSU this weekend. This was first reported to us in a discussion early this afternoon with a coach in the Big East that had been attempting to recruit him. It was also confirmed informally by a source at Detroit Mumford High School were he attends.Â

The source from the school told us when asked if he was visiting MSU “I have been asked to not say anything, but I can tell you I won’t deny it. I am sure if you look in the crowd at the basketball game you can answer that for yourself.” That would agree with the Big East coach that also mentioned the MSU basketball game, when he said “all that hoopla from the ESPN Gameday and a big game at the Breslin make that a great chance for MSU.” The source at the school went on to confirm informally that he was going to make the visit.

Again, Cedric Everson is a Spartan and has committed to MSU. 


In fairness to our friends at Spartanmag.com, they also had this information but were asked to not report this until today and did so. They were not "scooped" they had it also and have confirmed that. They do a great job and we wanted to credit them for doing a super recruiting job.