Dallas Fincher '20 OG Michigan State Commit Highlights + Evaluation


Dallas Fincher is as technically sound as you'll see at the high school level. He knows he has long arms, and knows just when to strike the pass rusher to stop his momentum.

A lot of pass rushing is about timing of your moves (on both sides of the ball), so that you catch you opponent off balance at the perfect moment. It looks like Fincher has a good sense of anticipation, and such development at the high school level should really make his life easier when it comes time to dealing with the defenders of the Big 10.

He played mostly tackle his junior year, and despite his projection by most, I could see this kid playing tackle at the next level as well. He has a nice set and is technically sound enough right now.


Pad level

He absolutely smothers defensive linemen in the run game. But he does so off sheer size. he has the balance to maintain blocks to the 2nd level, but you cant win based off sheer size in college.

And yes, to all my young readers out there, LOW MAN STILL WINS

As a former coach used to tell me "It should be called leverage ball, not football!"

Michigan State's recruiting efforts for the class of 2020 are looking fairly thin, with only 7 commits as of June 2019.

Check out Fincher's future teammate and fellow class of 2020 commit, Cal Haladay.

Image Via Twitter: @Dallas72D
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Hondo S. Carpenter
Hondo S. Carpenter


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