Do You Buy Software to do Your Own Taxes?

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Spartan Nation

Why go buy expensive software to do your taxes personally. You can go to the Kronner and Associates website and use the software there for a small fee and do your taxes yourself! Before you head to the big box store to overpay for software that will be outdated this time next year, use his website for less and save the trip!


Tom Kronner was a very good player for Duffy Daugherty. He was recruited by a great coach on Duffy’s staff by the name of George Perles. Kronner was a guard who lettered three times from 71-73.


Each and every client from the college student filling out a simple first time form, to the largest business sees him personally. He takes time to talk some accounting, but will talk for hours Spartan sports.


So if you are a business in need of a highly respected specialist for monthly help with your business, or a first time taxpayer, you can afford Kronner and Associates. They are big enough to serve you and small enough to know you right here in the Lansing metroplex.


You can click on their ICON on the right side of to check them out.