EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Mark Dantonio & Coaching Staff To Receive “Significant” Raises After B1G Title & Final Four Appearance

Hondo S. Carpenter
Dantonio with a big smile.  Spring game 2014.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgard
Dantonio with a big smile. Spring game 2014. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgard

East Lansing, MI

After the Spartans football season I asked a member of the MSU administration if a raise was coming for Mark Dantonio? After another Big Ten title and an appearance in the second College Football Playoff, certainly one is warranted and frankly expected. They told me at the time, “You know that a raise for Mark has to include his staff also. I will support it and I am certain Hollis will do it.”

Dantonio is steadfast that his success is tied to his staff and has routinely insists that any additional compensation for him be accompanied by raises for his staff. This is just ONE of the many examples of Dantonio’s loyalty to assistants.

I was informed by sources Monday evening from in the administration that they were closing in on the new compensation package. They told me, “Mark Hollis will decide on Dantonio’s raise and per the usual routine, Dantonio would decide how to divide the amount of money Hollis gives to increased staff compensation to each assistant coach.”

This morning I reached out to a senior member of the MSU administration asking when they deal will be announced and they told me, “I think sooner rather than later, but now I think it is logistics from Hollis and his end. I am not 100% sure, but 99% that they have already agreed on the numbers.” I asked what the raise for Dantonio would be and how much the pool for assistants would rise and I was told, “I haven’t seen the final numbers, but it is fair to say they will be significant raises.”

I asked the same source why has there been a delay in announcing it and I was told, “Hollis has to figure out where the money is coming from. Any additional expenses are always juxtaposed.”

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for when the announcement is made. This is very smart of MSU to be proactive with the MSU football salaries. For the first half of the Dantonio era they were not. Clearly they are being ahead of the curve with a coach whose winning legacy at MSU speaks for itself.