'Green-Out' Is About Unity, Team Spirit and Fan Redemption

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What is at stake this weekend is more about redemption than moving our record along to 7-1. The last time Ohio State rolled into Spartan Stadium, Buckeye fans made Spartan Stadium rather cozy for their players. Michigan State fans abandoned their seats by the thousands and the roar for OSU was both deafening and embarrassing to those of us that wear green. So you may be asking yourself… why is the Governor bringing up all this old rubbish that was the result of the previous regime? Well Spartans, it is time to do our job as fans.

The Michigan State University athletic department has asked that a ‘green-out’ take place inside Spartan Stadium this weekend against OSU. The only MSU fans that will be in white are the students firmly nestled in the student section. If you are not in the student section, wear green… and I don’t mean that cheesy lime green t-shirt you’ve had tucked away from your days of baggy pants and high school dances when Bobby Brown was still popular. I am talking about a legitimate dark Kelly green shirt with a Michigan State logo proudly displayed somewhere on the article of clothing.

To your credit Spartan fans, the overwhelming consensus is that you have been some of the best fans in the conference this season. Someone told me with major MSU ties today that the student section has been the best it has been in more that 20 years. So whether you stuck it out and faced Brutus two years ago or you sold your ticket to some Buckeye that contributed to the embarrassment, it is time to be a true Spartan. Put your green on display and get ready to support our team. Spartans everywhere, it is time we redeem ourselves.