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Here is a Chance to Have Lunch With Mark Dantonio and Selected Players Before the Cal Game!

East Lansing, MI … The Downtown Coaches Club (DCC) hosts its weekly luncheon Thursday, August 28, at  

Eagle Eye Golf Club, 15500 Chandler Rd., East Lansing. Luncheons are Thursdays prior to away games and

Fridays before home games.

MSU Spartan Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio will talk about the season opening game against the  

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California Bears. Spartan football player guests also will be in attendance. The first lady of Spartan football,

Becky Dantonio, will be the guest speaker.

Doors open at 10:45 a.m., and the program starts at 11:45. Admission for club members is $14 and $17 for

non-members. Club membership will be available at the luncheon. Additional information on DCC is a