If You are a Football Season ticket holder and/or donor for MSU Please Read!

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Here is a chance to make some money and help some Spartan fans from all over the nation that want to attend the PSU

game. Brian Posey is the owner of the www.TheTicketMachine.com. More importantly than that he is a great friend of mine.

He is offering you a chance if you are a donor and or a season ticket holder:

Season ticket holders and donors can purchase 4 tickets for the Penn State v. MSU game. The total cost is $254.... We

will pay anyone who does this $304 or $50 over the cost of their tickets for the trouble of calling the MSU ticket office and

getting us the tickets.

The phone number for the MSU ticket office is 517 355 1610

Our phone number if anyone has questions is 517 655 3201

If you are not going, call Brian, make $50 and help other Spartans with a chance to go to the game.