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Keys to the game

For MSU to win:

  1. Must be able to keep the game in front of them. The defensive backfield cannot let the game get past them and avoid giving up the big play.
  2. Pressure on Quinn
  3. Take what the ND defense gives them. What I mean is that if ND decides to stop the run (which is where I think they will go due to the weather) then they must move the ball in the air. If you remember Minnesota came in here 2 years ago in weather worse then this and passed so I am not worried.

For ND to win:

  1. Attack Stanton and not let him dictate the game.
  2. Must establish the pass.
  3. Avoid letting MSU get the “momentum” plays.

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Who wins:

MSU will be able to run the ball and mix in the pass. They will not let Notre Dame get the momentum and MSU will win another great game 31-28!