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Keys to the game today

Keys to the game:


  1. Has to keep the ball out of Stanton’s hands. Must make sure that the best way to stop the MSU offense is to keep the ball out of their hands
  2. Not let Stanton run, or get outside the pocket.
  3. Need to be able to use play action to keep the MSU backfield guessing.



  1. Be able to get Stanton out of the pocket to manufacture plays.
  2. They have to keep the game in front of them and avoid big plays.
  3. Avoid stupid penalties and turnovers.

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MSU:  The Panthers try to send the farm to blitz and attack Stanton, but he is able to roll outside the pocket and both run and complete the ball downfield. With no dumb penalties or turnovers, the MSU defense keeps the game in front of them avoiding the multitude of big plays that Pitt has used so well this season.

PITT:Â The Panthers are able to get the over aggressive MSU defense to bite on lots of play action and MSU kills themselves with 3 turnovers and 2 drive killing penalties.

PREDICITON: Pitt is a good test but the MSU defense shows themselves able and MSU wins 20-17! Yes I know different then what I predicted on the show (points that is, of course I predicted MSU) but I keep watching film and thinking about it and I am concerned about the Panthers ability to attack at the line of scrimmage.