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More thoughts on the Spartan collapse

More thoughts on the Spartan collapse from the press box here at Ford Field:


  • Why didn’t we see more of Jehuu in the fourth quarter? Notre Dame could not stop him and he only got 8 carries that is pathetic.
  • Why in the world did we not use better clock management at the end of the first half?
  • Again, 3 runs on a key series in the fourth quarter (six minutes left) and we gave it back?
  • Undisciplined play:Â penalties and stupid mistakes.
  • Why was there no flag on the Notre Dame coach touching Trannon?
  • Demond Williams taking a knee?

I am not a person that gets ticked when you lose to a better team. That is why we have the games. The problem is that MSU lost Notre Dame didn’t win. Four years into the John L. Smith reign, this is simply not acceptable. I have been very critical (although I do think he is a very good guy) of defensive coordinator Chris Smeland and he did call some questionable plays, but his kids play hard and they were exhausted at the end of the game. The team got the lead and tried to coast, that is clearly on the coaches and this loss was not acceptable.

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