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MSU vs. Michigan: Week 5, 2005 - Random Thoughts

  • UM needs to play like a team loose and full of talent. Make no mistake, they have great talent, but MSU is playing carefree and that makes if very difficult for the Wolverines.
  • The MSU crowd needs to be as intense as last year against Wisconsin .
  • Lloyd Carr has taken a lot of unfair criticism, I hope he does not get a chance to prove that wrong.
  • Look for the Spartan’s Kerry Reed to be a difference maker if he can get some reps.
  • Look for MSU to see if they can continue the discipline that has kept them from dumb penalties.
  • If the Spartans have no single runner over 100 yards, they WILL NOT win.
  • SirDarean Adams is quickly becoming a rising star before our eyes.
  • Jaren Hayes has to step up to win this game.
  • The Spartan Nation needs to be reminded of one thing, that our defense does not have a boat load (like the offense) of talent. This staff has shown the ability to recruit offense, but win or lose today, we have got to get some more horses on D.
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